Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Labor Day 2009

For posterity, I'd like to list the words my 19-month-old can say true enough to the Queen's English that bystanders don't assume he has Turrets:

Go (his first word; who woulda guessed? Help me!). More. No. Doggie. Kitty. Please. Juice. Grape. Water. Mommy. Daddy. Meme. Gigi. OK. Plane. Moon. Book. Read. Hello. Bye-bye. Eat. Yes. Ball. Baby. Shoes. Shirt. Chocolate (no, really). Berry. Outside (SIDE? SIDE?). Stick. Rock. House. Bath. Box. Cheese. Cookie (COOKIE! COOKIE!). Phone. Up. Down. Truck. Gummies. Brush. Jeans. Cow. Pig. Peach. Banana. Cake. Milk. Pizza. Fries. Burger (hey, at least he has his priorities straight).

And, finally, Sham. Whoever that is.

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Traveling Spork said...

I think he means, "Bam"...that's me.

Aaron said...

Now, you'll need to add "Jupiter" to that list.

Allison said...

Oh kids, how I love to listen to them learn to speak!

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