Thursday, September 24, 2009

Myth Busting

If you read yesterday's post about the 49th annual Greek Holiday Festival blowing into town this weekend, you'd know there's rumor going around that Urban Tulsa arts writer Holly Wall and I are the same person.

We're not sure if this is because no photos of us together have managed to surface, or if it's because we used the same hair color for awhile, have the same hair style, wear similar necklaces everyday, wear similar frames, are the same height, sat at the same desk at Tulsa Business Journal albeit at different times, are rarely at the same Tulsa events, birthed blonde, blue-eyed sons in early 2008 or if it's because we're both constantly seen around town with Lola's Wicked Chocolate Cake.

Wicked Chocolate Cake: Lola's at the Bowery


Well, it's just not true. We're separate entities, Holly and I. I swear.

Want proof? Feast thine eyes:

Mom's Night Out 2009

Not only are there two very attractive ladies behind these post-Marshall grins (mine is extreme and totally unpretty, meaning I'm the one on the left), they are two totally non-conjoined people. Plus, this would have taken way too much time to Photoshop - at least, it would have taken more time than warranted by the situation.

Myth busted.

Thanks to Carrisa at And So She Blogs for this critical evidence.


Holly Wall said...

Obviously we're not the same person. We part our hair on different sides. If Marty Coleman had been paying any attention at all, surely he would have noticed that.

Marty Coleman said...

I happen to know for a fact that this photo was doctored by the United States Office of Chocolate to show what happens when conjoined chocolate addicts are surgically separated.
The list of side effects include:
irreverent smiling for no reason
frequent stopping at convenience stores
compulsive hiding of chocolate in their bras
complete and utter adoration for all artwork Mr. Coleman creates. (I know, odd side effect, but 100% accurate)
It should be noted that if you go through this surgery you should go to the emergency room if you have a chocolate binge lasting more than 4 hours.
To see prove of this conspiracy, send 5.95 to me for my free booklet titled BALL and WALL = BWALL, the truth behind the rumors.

Western Doughty said...


Jason said...

I'll just refer to my Twitter posting via @aycockonxion, "@tashadoestulsa @hwall I'm still not convinced. I heard you (Tasha Wall or Holly Ball?? err...) photoshop all the fake celeb pics for UTW..." I'm just sayin. That's what I heard...

Nicole Nascenzi said...

I have talked to both women and they were in the same room at the time, I swear.

Granted it was a large room...and I was in crazy event running mode at the time..but surely if nothing else it would be too many Twitter and email accounts to manage right? So they have to be different. :)

Ed said...

More proof! From April 2009:

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