Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mmm...Marshall. Mmm.

T-Rex Pie at Joe Momma's Pizza Downtown

There are 50 days and 37 minutes until the kickoff of the 31st Annual Oktoberfest, starting Oct. 22 at River West Festival Park on the West Bank of the Arkansas River, 2100 South Jackson.

Tulsa's own Marshall Brewing Company will be at Oktoberfest this year. Imagine - a local purveyor of a craft alcoholic beverage representin' at Oktoberfest, one of Tulsa's very favorite festivals.

To celebrate the landing of Marshall at Oktoberfest 2009, Marshall Brewing Company is hosting a launch party for its Oktoberfest brew at Joe Momma's Pizza downtown. Marshall pints will go for a mere $3, and flights of all five of the Marshall labels are discounted to $10.

The party starts at 6.

Eric Marshall will be on hand to give a talk on craft and his oh-so-tough life as a brewmaster, and he'll also be giving away Marshall merchandise.

Yeah, you read that right: Free Marshall merchandise. You'll have the chance to win sweet Marshall gear by just attending the event, but you could seal the deal by being the first person of the night to offer to buy me a Marshall beer.

Not that you actually have to buy me a beer. It's just nice to to be asked, you know? A girl always likes to be asked.

If you're indeed the first to ask me, I'll give you a Marshall Brewing Company t-shirt, absolutely free. Bitchin, huh?

In the meantime, go ahead and slap Oktoberfest on the ol' Facebook calendar and start preparing now for the massive amounts of delicious food, carnival rides, plenty of opportunities to do the chicken dance (drunk or sober, it's up to you), live German music, family fun and, of course, thousands and thousands of pints' worth of refreshing, tasty beverage.

Ah, the sound of screaming livers. So tragic, yet so refreshing.

Merchandise photo from the Marshall Brewing Company Web site.

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