Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Best Press Release Ever. Turtles Are Involved.

Folks, I don't normally do this. My favorite thing to do to a press release is tear it apart, mutilate it in every possible way, put my own spin on it and post it in an attempt to represent it as original journalism.

Ha! Because that's how it's done in the real world, people, for members of the "legitimate media" or otherwise.

I kid, I kid. Besides, you're not here to read about "journalism" or "local politics." You're here to find out what the heck I'm talking about in the post title.


Tulsa Zoo Run

This part of the release - known technically as "the part where PR people have to turn backflips in attempts to get the journalist to open the attached release" - is even better:

Tulsa Zoo Run

I was a fan of the Zoo before, but I am now more than ever. If you don't have time to catch the turtle race this morning, sign up for the Tulsa Zoo Run. It's a good, wild time.


Leah said...

Amazing! That Angela Evans deserves a raise! :)

Angela Evans said...

I'm just happy that the actual race lived up to the hype! Check channel 6 and 2 tonight - and there's even a Tulsa World story due out tomorrow. FYI, Flash totally blew the other turtle dudes out of the water, but it was a bitter fight for second, with Diablo coming out on top! Thanks, Tasha - your Tulsa Zoo loves you!

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