Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Found Along Charles Page Boulevard

I love how every time I pop in at Blue Jackalope, a community grocery store in the shadow of the BOK Center at 306 S. Phoenix, I learn about something refreshing and new that's going on in Tulsa.

We're about to gain another farmers' market, for one. The Crosbie Heights Farmers' Market will kick off Sunday starting at 1pm, right across from Blue Jackalope and the community garden bearing the same neighborhood name. Plenty of traditional fall produce will be on hand, and everyone is invited to swing by and check it out.

I love the idea of a Sunday afternoon farmers' market. Often I can't get my son and I together early enough to hit the Saturday or Wednesday Cherry Street Farmers Markets to get our shopping done before the days' plans begin. The thought of being able to do my produce shopping at a farmers market in the light of a Sunday sunset makes me want to make pie.

Those of you who have stumbled across this blog more than once or twice that pie, or even feelings or thoughts about pie, make me very happy indeed. The market will be open through October and is slated to reopen next April.

Item No. 2: Here's a little somethin'-somethin' to put on your weekend calendar. The moon will be full the night of Oct. 4, and the folks at the Crosbie Heights Community Garden are throwing a party to celebrate. At about 2pm will start a farm potluck and music festival at the garden, and every walk of life - even dogs on leashes - are invited. Bring your favorite homemade dish, and be sure to check out the Kids' Zone and the bicycle-powered blender, courtesy of Bike Soup, yet another 3rd-and-Phoenix community-oriented operation that aims to put bike building and repair in the hands of their owners.

Musical guests include Travis Fite, Joe Mack, Jesse Aycock, Sapien and Scales of Motion. The first band is scheduled for 3pm.

Cool, huh? Now you can never say grocery stores aren't a cool place to hang out and learn about all the hip stuff happening in your city.

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