Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get on the Bus

I've talked to a lot of folks over the past couple of years about our public transit system here in Tulsa.

While patronizing everything from local clothing boutiques to local farms is glamorous in a town that's riding a serious wave of citizen patriotism, riding the bus with Tulsa Transit is far from being as good as being seen dining at Elote.

Read the rest of this story in Consumer Watchdog in this week's edition of Urban Tulsa Weekly.

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Mom Mayhem says: said...

A few years ago when I had a brief job downtown I actually did ride the bus everyday to work. It was an ok experience. I think the bus schedule online would make it even better! That was 1 of the worse parts for me going to QT to get a schedule and then figuring out the route. I was lucky I didn't have to transfer-That wouldn't be fun!
Anyways -Great Article!

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