Monday, September 7, 2009

Tasha's Labor Day Links

It's a holiday, everyone, and you know what that means: It's link day here at

Labor Day 2009

Link day around here isn't anything fancy. I don't pore over the Intertubes to bring you eccentric content from sites of gravitational subcultural appeal or anything like that.

Instead, I run down my list of local blogs and post my favorite finds here to assist you in your efforts to divert yourself from whatever you're really supposed to be doing on the computer right now.

Ready? Here goes.

Y'all ready to vote? That's okay - lots of folks out there aren't, especially when there are 11 Republicans vying for a spot on the ticket in the general election. blogger Michael Bates delivers again with a rundown of 2009 election info, all hot and ready for the primaries tomorrow. There's only one way to get that snazzy "I Voted" sticker, and tomorrow's an opportunity as good as any.

Queen-sized giving. Not only is her site new and improved and all super-swanky, but 918 Coupon Queen Sarah Roe also has a short tutorial on how to donate expired coupons to military families serving overseas. As a former military family, we really appreciated and most definitely could have used any help we could get during deployments and extended training. If you love our nation's men and women in service for reasons more than just their uniforms, snip your bit and send those expired coupons across the pond.

Got Turkey? This post from Yogi's Den inspired me during my own run earlier today, and trust me, I need all the inspiration I can get.

We all miss Pennington's Black-Bottom Pie. Grab a bite of something pretty darn close to the real McCoy at Kari Okies in Bixby, as featured on Tulsa Food Blog. Love, too, that you kids are looking to start cooking classes at Tulsa Community College this fall. You can come to my house with cookie bouquets and wedding cakes anytime.

It's okay to be different, thank God. The Tulsa City-County Library posted a reading list ranging from picture books to tween and teen books for those of us who struggle with our “eccentricities” on the TCCL blog. Thanks for showing us your books, TCCL.

Laborious. One hour, four hours, 12 hours or 25 – ladies, for how many hours were you in labor with your kids? Shannon Lowe at Rocks in My Dryer tells all.

How poetic. Charlie, the floppy Basset Hound/fifth child of Pawhuska-ish dweller Ree Drummond (of the inimitable bloggy conglomerate Confessions of a Pioneer Woman) waxes poetic about Labor Day.

He only speaks the truth. The wacky Irritated Tulsan shares with his readers an inspired list of things to be sure to do in Tulsa before Labor Day weekend is over and done with.

Home Sweet Loam. After spending what spare time they had during this growing season looking for their own personal land of milk and honey, Don Drury and Chelsea Coleman found a new home for their formerly Bixby-based Bootstrap Farm. Their new place is in the Council Valley just north of Cushing. This move brings the promise of farm tours, farm parties, farm table dinners and all manner of fun for the Green Country foodies and farmers. P.S. - If you want a piece of the farm that produced the markets' pride in cantaloupes this summer, not to mention some of the best tomatoes and peppers I've ever eaten, check out the Bootstrap Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, a type of loan from consumers to farmers that pays dividends in veggies. Yum).

It's Only A Day Away. Tomorrow (Tuesday) marks the opening day of the new modern and contemporary design gallery at Philbrook Museum. The gallery will feature the exhibit, "Better Living By Design: Selections from the George R. Kravis II Collection." Come to the opening to see and be seen Thursday night at Philbrook at 5:30pm and on to Pohlenz Modern Cuisine on Brookside at 7.

Music Together. The girls at tTownMoms will draw a winner for their latest contest, which will award two moms and their kiddos two free classes at the Music Together program, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10am. Music Together is an early childhood music program at downtown's Barthelmes Conservatory for children ages 0-5 and the adults who love them. Good thing there's still time to enter, right? Simply post a reply on the contest threat ad to enter.

There, now. Wasn't that refreshing? I sure hope you Okie Dokes had a great holiday weekend. Catch you on the flip side. Until then, happy clicking.

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