Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coffee Love

Before I announce the winner of six months' worth of free joe from Tulsa's own Topeca Coffee, I want to post here a few of my favorite coffee stories readers posted here yesterday as part of the giveaway.

As if the weather in Tulsa today wasn't perfect cause for a cup of coffee already, these stories will definitely make you crave a nice, tall cup of the brown stuff. Grab one before you jump in; I'll be sipping right along with you.

Here's a coffee tale that made my eyes widen:

Topeca Contest 0909

Wait. What? Wow.

Feel like having your heart stirred? Order up:

Topeca Contest 0909

Have you taken the time to appreciate the small things in life today? Because maybe you should.

Topeca Contest 0909

Here's one that will have you longing for a slow, quiet morning with your grandparents:

Topeca Contest 0909

Here's a longer one from by dear, precious friend Wendy, a first-generation Guatemalan American who has coffee practically coursing through her veins:

Topeca Contest 0909

This is the one I couldn't help but re-read...and re-read again (it's long but so, so worth it):

Topeca Contest 0909

Topeca Contest 0909

Yum, yum, Carrisa. Thanks for that.

I really, really hope I never have to judge a writing contest. Obviously, I'd be horrible at it. See why I wanted Random.org to do my bidding? I love stories, period, even (especially?) the crazy ones about war paint and donkey heads.

Of the 33 stories submitted in the comments of yesterday's post, 30 slid in under the deadline. So, I asked the lords of randomness to please and randomly generate for me an integer between 1 and 30.

Topeca Contest 0909

The 17th person to submit a story was:

Topeca Contest 0909

Glad you think Topeca is awesome, Yogi, and it's extra awesome that you work just across the street from the cafe. That'll make collecting on this prize that much easier.

Speaking of Yogi, he has this really great blog, Yogi's Den. If you all enjoy reading TDT, you'll get a kick out of his stuff, too. He has a great eye for weird Tulsa stuff, and you'll get sucked into all the stories about SuperPizzaBoy. Good times.

Thanks again to everyone for playing. Keep your eyes on this blog for news of when you, too, can get your own free coffee cupping experience at Cafe Topeca. It won't be long.

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