Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hang Me Out To Dry

Hang Me Out to Dry

When my clothes dryer went to the big laundry room in the sky early this summer, my first reaction was to cry.

Second, I turned on my computer and opened I'd just spent nearly five years with a dryer (circa 1968), and I soon found all the fancy features now available on this humble household appliance.

In fact, clothes dryers didn't need to be humble at all. Some models come with that hip, brushed aluminum finish, for crying out loud. I wanted to plunder our kid's college savings account and put one of those bad boys in my living room. Why relegate it to the same place where I store my old paint cans, rakes and sundry combustibles? It would have been the prettiest thing I'd ever owned. I was ready to welcome it as a full-rights member of the family.

Enter my ever-frugal, always-sensible husband.

Read the rest of this story in Consumer Watchdog in this week's edition of Urban Tulsa Weekly.


Sindy said...

Great article on line drying. I´m proud of you girl! And remember, you can always pass it of as an European quirk, which makes it instantly trendy, right?!

Jeff Shaw said...

Good for you! I remember that smell of line dried clothes. There is nothing like it. and you're saving money? What a bonus.

Brooklyn said...

What do you do in the winter?

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