Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday: Finish Hunger Action Month Strong

Thursday night offers two opportunities to not just feed the hungry, but to also feed yourself.

First is an New England dinner with Chef Michael Fusco, one of the acknowledged greats of Tulsa's chefs and master creator of deliciosity at the Riverside Grille that bears his name. For $50 and a reservation in advance (get with the Food Bank on Facebook to claim your spot - hurry, because they're going fast) you can learn some of Chef Fusco's culinary secrets while you enjoy a three-course dinner, including New England Clam Chowder, Waldorf Salad and Corned Beef and Indian Pudding, complete with wine for each course. The class/dinner will be at the demonstration in the Food Bank's Culinary Center, 1304 N. Kenosha, starting at 6pm.

If this isn't your kind of event, remember the foodie in your life and snag a gift certificate for this Recipe to End Hunger event or one in the future.

The second event of the evening is the Classical Concert at Harwelden with the Food Bank. Starting at 7pm, feed your ears and feed the hungry at this live concert at one of Tulsa's most cherished historic mansions. Players are Karl M. Johnson (piano), Lon de Ada (flamenco guitarist), Joesf Glaude (harp guitar) and the Tulsa Friends of Chamber Music.

This concert is part of Hunger Action Month, which will come to a close Sept. 30. All proceeds benefit the Food Bank Oklahoma.

While you're planning how you'll help to feed the hungry Thursday night, why not take it a step further and give up something small? Check out the Give A Little calculator. According to this little do-dad, you could give up a mere four tanning bed sessions and provide an overwhelming 90 meals for someone in need.

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Anonymous said...

NICE!!! I'd like to make an addition: guests HAVE to make reservations for Recipe to End Hunger. I have 2 spots open! Thanks, Tasha!!!

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