Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wine, Women & Shoes. Wanna Go? Win tickets here.

UPDATE//Ladies and gentlemen, we have some winners!

I love how you all never go easy on me in these contests - you know, the ones in which I ask you to pour out your heart and soul for everyone, including lots and lots of strangers, to see.

I really appreciate you all for doing that. I was touched by what each of you had to say about the amazing women in your life, and each was another reminder to me why I love blogging so much. Hearing your stories and the tales of your experiences is such a pleasure.

Though I want to give each and every one of you a ticket to the swank that's gonna go down at Wine, Women and Shoes this weekend, I said I'd pick the author of my favorite story as a winner, and that could choose a winner, too.

So, here was the story I chose:

The remarkable woman depicted in this story aside - because all of the women about whom the contestants wrote are remarkable in their own way, and I wasn't about to judge these stories based on some presumptuous quantification of their merits - I enjoyed how this story read almost like a tall tale, like a portrait of Super Mom, and how the numbers - 11 births, 9 children, 5 potatoes and a hand full of cheese - painted a picture in my mind.

So, Sunshine, e-mail me ASAP with which night you'd like to attend Wine, Women and Shoes. Congrats!

And now for the winner: Contestant No. 5!

Wow. I really love Brigid's story, too. E-mail me and we'll get you squared away with tickets.

Again, thanks to everyone so, so much for playing. Send love to those amazing women in your lives.

Now that you have your plans for this weekend all sorted out (or, if you don't, this link is an easy way to fix that), let's think about next weekend for a minute or five.

About the post title - no, this isn't a rich Frenchman's if-you-were-trapped-on-a-desert-island request. In fact, it's one of my favorite Tulsa fundraisers, and it's all to support YWCA Tulsa. The name tells a lot about why I'm so crazy about this event.

First, everybody knows that TDT likes her wine. No secrets there, am I right? Second, I love and cherish my girlfriends in a way in which the author of Girlfriends 2.0 would be most proud, and thanks to the powerful services of organizations like YWCA Tulsa, we all get to see gender and race inequality come closer to eradication every day.

And last but most definitely not least, there's the shoes.

I don't talk about this very much, y'all, but I love me some shoes. For me, it's not about owning as many pairs as I can get my hands on. Instead, it's all about good design and high function. It's the same reason I'm obsessed with lingerie. I'm fascinated by an article of clothing that can work really hard and be worn every day and still look amazing. To me, that's magic.

At the Wine, Women & Shoes fundraiser, a girl gets the best of each of these three worlds. Here's the rundown of what's going on at the event this year.

Patron Wine and Ballet Experience
When: Friday, June 11, 6-8pm
Where: Tulsa Ballet on Peoria
Enjoy exquisite hors d'oeuvres, fine wines poured by California vintners, a live auction featuring exclusive wine country trips, and a special performance by the Tulsa Ballet. Make your reservation here.

Toe-Tapping Wine Tasting
When: Friday, June 11, 7:30-9:30pm
Where: Tulsa Ballet on Peoria
This high-energy party includes a wine and shoe pairings, live music, and scrumptious hors d'oeuvres. Make your reservation here.

From Manolo to Merlot
When: Saturday, June 12, 11:30-3pm
Where: Renaissance Hotel, 71st Street and US 169
Wine tasting, shoe shopping, lunch and a fashion show all in one place...could it get any better? Make your reservation now.

Look! Cake!

Whoops, I apologize. I get distracted when I see pretty, sugary things.

This fundraiser is fun, yes, and it's what Sex and the City could be if it could be compressed into two days and shipped to T-Town, but the best part of all is this: All proceeds support the platform at YWCA Tulsa that will promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for over 25,000 Tulsans this year. 

And that, friends, is a big, big deal.

Now, of course I want you all to pull out your rolls of cash, your debit cards or your checkbooks and click all those Make Your Reservation links up there right now.

But, I also want to give away a bunch of tickets. Thanks to the generosity of YWCA Tulsa, I can do that.

Up for grabs are two tickets to the Toe-Tapping Wine Tasting on Friday night. I also have two tickets to the Manolo to Merlot luncheon, marketplace and fashion show on Saturday.

So, not only will you get to bring a friend along should you win tickets to one of these events, but you'll also get to hang out with me. And I promise I'll try not to embarrass you, but some things - like a propensity to walk out of a bathroom with toilet paper clinging either to my shoe or to the hem of my skirt - can't be helped.

I'm sorry. I've tried.

And did I mention the part about gallons and gallons of West Coast wine? Okay, good.

What about the bit about hundreds of pairs of shoes, just waiting to be ogled and tried on and - gasp! - given a test drive? Yeah? Okay, I just wanted to make sure.

Here's what you do to win: 

Tell me a story about an amazing woman in your life. Maybe your mother should be sainted just for putting up with you through your teenage years (that'd be my case). Perhaps you're baffled at how a co-worker does it all. Maybe your best friend manages to be a fighter, a survivor and completely fabulous, all at the same time. Whoever she is, tell me about her in the comments, and do it before 11:59am on Monday, June 7. 

I'll choose the author of my favorite story as the winner who gets first pick of either the Friday night or the Saturday event, so be creative and thoughtful in your story writing, okay? will choose the second winner.

Good luck, all - and I'll see you at Wine, Women & Shoes!


Mercedes Millberry said...

Wow. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing women in my life. Hard to decide which one to write about! I honestly don't want to slight any one by singling out one person. But, if forced, I would say one of the most amazing women I know is a former boss. She has the most positive energy of anyone I have ever met. She truly understands me and has taught me much about my profession and about life. I am fortunate that we have stayed in touch over the years. And even though she is now states away and our get togethers are much more limited, the best days are when I get a handwritten special card in the mail from her just with an update on life. And while she jokingly calls herself the "Mere Mortal" I hope she knows that I think she truly is a goddess!

Sunshine said...

The most amazing woman I know is my nana. She grew up in New York in a time when women were just an ornament meant to be worn by the man in their life. She is a strong-willed and independent woman that married a man who has worshipped the ground she walks on for over 55 years. After 11 births, 9 of which resulted in beautiful children, she went to work when my papa retired so that the family could still survive. She learned to drive at the age of 65 but could cook for an army with only 5 potatoes, 3 steaks, and handful of cheese. She volunteers at her church and helps her grandchildren finish homework assignments. She inspires me every day to be a better person and to be a strong woman. I love her and miss her more than I could possibly say.

Jessica Casper said...

While there are many amazing women in my life, there is not one who I can truly say has made an indelible impact on me as a woman to strive to be. But there are many women in my life who have made and continue to make an impact on me and shape pieces of my character.

My mother has taught me that through heartbreak, depression and struggle it is possible to survive and come out a stronger, happier person on the other side. That life is not always what we expected, and thought it make take a while, we can get where we want to be. My nana, with all her toughness, has taught me it is never too late to make your own way and become your own person. My granny taught me that the simple things are the sweetest; goulash, garage sales, homemade cookies and being with family. My aunt has taught me to have courage in my choices and that being content with your life is one of the greatest happinesses. My best friend, with an MBA, working towards an MD, traveling to Africa to help those less fortunate, has shown me what it means to really serve others and to really work for what you want. My mother-in-law has taught me what it means to be wholly devoted to your family. My yoga teacher has taught me that stillness and peace is the path to a life with less stress and more abounding joy. My co-worker has taught me that it is possible to truly care about and be interested in people with no ulterior motives, with only kindness in your heart. My girlfriends consistently remind me the world is not complete without friendships to strengthen our hearts and see us through.

Lauri Rottmayer said...

An amazing woman in my life is Mrs. Oklahoma 2009, Rachel Roberts. I feel kind of guilty mentioning her when my other Mrs. Oklahoma's (I'm the director)and local titleholders have all been wonderful, too. Rachel is just so amazing. Humble, beautiful, gracious. She makes being a director easy, gratifying and HAPPY. Rachel suffered from post partum depression when she had her beautiful daughter, Maddie. Now Maddie is 3 and Rachel has found her purpose in life: letting other women know they don't have to go through that alone and that they are not bad. It's awesome to watch. Given that our pageant is platform based, I am gratified continually but right here, right this minute, Rachel is the first person who comes to my mind.

Brigid said...

I would love to go to the Saturday event! I usually talk about my amazing mother (who sacrificed a lot as my single parent and went to law school at age 40 to give us both a better life) as my role model, but having just lost my grandmother on May 25, I have all her accomplishments on my mind. She was active, feisty, fun and silly until her last day at age 78. She remembered every birthday, anniversary and graduation. She worked throughout the '50s and '60s when middle-class, married women didn't. She continued working sporadically through her 70s, too. My crazy grandfather left her after 40 years of marriage, and she never lost a beat in rebuilding her life. She was so strong and loving and exactly who I want to be one day.

Judd said...

I'd like to my friend to be selected for the tickets. She lost her husband and soul mate a few years ago. She's raising two kids (toddler and teenager, both girls) and going to school to get her degree. She has devoted the last few years to them and hasn't had the opportunity to get out much. The time the kids take from her makes it difficult to work much so she doesn't have a lot of extra money to get out and do events like this. She loves wine and shoes and it would be a great summer gift for her. And the fact that she puts up with me for a friend should be enough by itself. :-)

Christian Threadgill said...

One amazing woman I am blessed to know is my cousin and best friend, Niki. She is a beautiful young woman who has overcome so much and continues to be an example to others when life throws challenges her way.

Even though Niki grew up without a father, had a mother who was a drug-addict, and was raised by her grandmother, she managed to defeat the odds and not become a statistic. She graduated from high school and went on to complete college with honors and multiple job offers. She is now a very dedicated and career-driven employee, but seeks knowledge and enrichment above salary.

Niki is also very determined to make the world a better and brighter place. She hopes to one day join the Peace Corps, but in the mean time, devotes much of her time and energy to various philanthropic endeavors. She has volunteered with Dress for Success, Make a Wish, and she is a Big Sister to a young girl who faces the same challenges that she did growing up.

Niki also carefully balances her time between work, volunteering, and her personal relationships. She truly is the "glue" that holds our complicated, unexplainable, blended family together; because of her, I have grown much closer to our family.

Of course, what I love most about Niki is in the details: thank-you notes, travel, self-awareness, laughter, appreciation for good food and good wine, sweet text messages, a positive attitude, quality time. Oh, and loving me despite my flaws. Amazing.

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