Monday, June 14, 2010

New for Tulsa Moms This Week: Cake-a-licious Playdate and Giveaways, Kids' Pick of the Day

How to Eat a Cupcake at Merritt's Bakery

A cool part of my job is that, when I'm sharing with you all the best ways to get down with T-Town, sometimes I get to take a moment and show off my kid. It's mostly because he's the one who most often gets dragged along when I go on Tulsa-doing rampages, and it's also because he hasn't yet figured out how to work the camera - at least, not in the shooting sense.

Besides, y'all would much rather look at him than me. Hands down. For sure. Trust me on this one.

How to Eat a Cupcake at Merritt's Bakery

What I'm trying to say is, not only do I get to blog about Tulsa goings on, but I also get to mommyblog, especially over at As seen on today's Midday Show on KJRH Channel 2, here's what's going on at this week.

Playdate! I'm loving the once-per-week play dates with this summer. They're more than great excuses for my son and I to do something with our Tuesday mornings than fry an entire package of bacon at once (not that I've ever done this or would even know anything about it) - in fact, they're exciting ways to get out on the town and meet other kids and their caregivers.

This week the parents and kids of are meeting at All Things Cake, a new store at 8256 E. 71st Street bursting with, literally, all things cake, for a special story time. After, each child at the play date gets to decorate a cookie. And then, of course, chow down on that cookie like there's no tomorrow.

Space is limited to 20 guests, so if you'd like to join the group at All Things Cake, send a message to my friend Darla ASAP. And parents, keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway involving a cake decorating class. Given how much the average birthday cake costs these days, this could be a very lucrative win, so stay on your toes.

If your kid is more into splash pads than sugar and icing, will be at the River Parks Plaza plenty of times over the course of the summer. Be sure to keep Tuesday mornings open for some fun in the sun.

Giveaways! Head Ttownmom Trisha will give away one dozen - count 'em, one dozen - of Merritt's Bakery's new candy cake donuts every day - every day! - this week. The winner gets his/her choice of:

-Applesauce donuts topped with peanuts and caramel;
-or chocolate donuts topped with Oreo, Butterfinger or Heath Bar.

Oh, Merritt's. How well you know the desires of the child in all of us.

Enter to win every day this week over at - the link to sign up is on the front page.

Kids' Pick of the Day! There's so much to do in Tulsa every day that sometimes, it's easy for those listings to start looking like a sea of floating words. A sea of floating words in which the letters are sea monkeys. And we all know how sea monkeys are. I'd elaborate, but it wouldn't be safe for work, if you know what I mean.

Parents can get on the fast track to a day of fun in Tulsa with the new TDT Kids' Pick of the Day, available Monday-Thursday on my blog at No reading glasses or decision-making required! Auto pilot can be a very, very good thing - especially in this particular case.

Happy parenting this week, y'all!

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