Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to Start a Hyper-Local Blog and Why I Started TDT: A Peek Into My Bloggy World

Here at, I field lots of questions.

Besides inquiries as to where the best make-out spots are in Tulsa (I'll give you some tips, but not from my personal stash - those secrets are hard-won and if you were me, you wouldn't share them, either) and on whether you should go to the gun show at Expo Square or to the tire kickin' on Route 66 that weekend, I'm often asked why the heck I do what I do.

Here are a few explanations.

Why I Blog

I was interviewed a week or so ago by the folks at is a media outlet that organizes news by location, and they're great about highlighting the work of place- and hyper-local bloggers. was the subject of their latest profile.

Here are a few bits from the story:

Seriously, though – I don’t think I’ve spoken to many people who are as enthusiastic and genuine in their love for their town or city as Tasha Ball. As a Tulsa native, her love for the city is contagious, exciting, and completely authentic...

...after reading Tasha Does Tulsa and having a wonderful telephone conversation with Tasha last week, I can honestly say that I have a newfound desire to visit Tulsa, and I’m confident that when I do, I will have an awesome time (and an amazing tour guide!)

Aw, shucks, y'all.

Here's the rest of the write-up.

For more, here's the TDT About page. Spoiler alert: It all started in a bar.

My Aha Moment

Last month there was a Windstream trailer parked outside of Hotel Ambassador. Inside were Tulsans telling Mutual of Omaha's Aha Moment Campaign about moments that changed the course of their lives.

I was one of the many invited to do just that.

Click on the photo to watch a video about my Aha Moment.

Wanna see more Tulsa Aha Moments? Click here. But first, grab a Kleenex. I watched these one afternoon and cried my eyes out.

How to Start (and Grow) a Hyper-Local Blog

As Part II of the story with, I talked with their reporter about ways bloggers can start and grow place-centric and hyper-local blogs.

Here are my tips. My favorite? The part where I tell the reporter that cookies and milk are required if a blogger wants a hyper-local post to bring home the bacon.

Just kidding. I didn't talk to about cookies. Or bacon, for that matter. But I did talk about focus groups, establishing a routine and what kind of content for which readers of place-centric blogs are looking. Plus, more.

Looking for more?

As always, send me your questions, whatever they may be. I love to talk Tulsa and blogging, so whatever you might be wondering, odds are I'm ready to dislocate my jaw jabbing about it.

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Esther Brown said...

Thanks for pointing your readers our way, Tasha! We really loved speaking with you and look forward to talking again soon. Keep being awesome!

- Esther Brown
Community Manager,

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