Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking for the biggest party in Tulsa this Thursday?

Fifth Night at Utica Square

Remember when I told you all that the Summer's Fifth Night event was on again for 2010? And that you all should go to the next show? And the one after that?

And do you remember that I told you all to do that because Summer's Fifth Night is a huge pot of free music, prizes and giveaways and a chance to hang out in the open air with your best buds and family, all tossed in some spicy awesome sauce?

Fifth Night at Utica Square

Apparently, I'm not the only one who agrees with the awesome sauce part.

Fifth Night at Utica Square

I knew Summer's Fifth Night was a big deal and everything, but wow - I hadn't quite realized that it's the No. 1 place to be in T-Town on Thursday nights.

Just look at that sea of humanity.

Fifth Night at Utica Square

When I stopped in at last week's Summer's Fifth Night event, I saw everything from folks spread out on blankets chowing down on wine and cheese to kids grabbing sno cones to dudes camped out in what looked like the same lawn chairs they take to the tailgate during football season.

And, of course, lots and lots of dogs. In bandanas.

Summer's Fifth Night, it's for all kinds, y'all - it's not even exclusive to humans.

Fifth Night at Utica Square

Catch this week's show featuring the jazz stylings of Earl Clark. Then, print out this schedule and hang it on your fridge.

Because you won't want to miss another edition of Summer's Fifth Night 2010.


Tex Montana said...

I'm gonna take Baby, the wonder Golden Retriever. Wait. She always gets totally plasterd on wine and it's so embarassing. Or is that Neil?

Anonymous said...

Love it when people have to bring their dogs to stuff like this. Buy them the cd and leave em home.

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