Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homerun for the Homeless: VIDEO! (Watch Only If You Enjoy Stories of Childhood Humiliation)

I hope you'll consider supporting me and my grand-slamming ways by donating to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless on my page on the Homerun for the Homeless website. Every little bit counts - you'd be surprised by what the Day Center can do with just $1.

It's amazing, really. Thanks to their efforts, you don't need to give a lot to help a lot.

But, if I'm the first participant in the game to raise $1,000, I get a trophy. And I like trophies. I like trophies a lot. So any support you could lend, I'd appreciate it.

Also, I'll let you hold the trophy. Hope you won't mind washing your hands first.

See you at the ball game!

What: Homerun for the Homeless Celebrity Fundraiser Baseball Game
When: Thursday, June 24, gates at 6pm, game at 7pm
Where: ONEOK Field, 201 N. Elgin Ave.
How much: Tickets are $5; Kids under 12 get in free (yay, free!)

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Mom Mayhem says: said...

Great Vlog Tasha! I can just imagine you really excited to play ball-or at least excited to wear the blue and gold -Shooting Stars uniform ;) I imagine there could even be some cool sparkly stuff on the uniforms too. Sounds like me rather be pickin flowers than getting all sporty.
Good Luck on the Homerun for the Homeless though!

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