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TDT Father's Day Gift Guide 2010

Joe Momma's Downtown

Shop local, shop local, shop local. It's a mantra we're all hearing a lot lately, especially here at

Okay, right? If we want to improve our quality of life as residents of this city, we're supposed to shop local. We get it.

But, now what?

An easy way to get rolling on the shop-local train is to do some creative and thoughtful shopping for gifts. Since this Sunday is Father's Day, you've got the perfect opportunity to jump-start your efforts. Here's a list of places to start looking for a gift for the dad in your life, categorized by type of dad.

For the Outdoorsman
D&B Outfitters
5433 South Mingo Road
If dad loves camping, hiking and fishing, get him some sweet gear at this east Tulsa outpost.

For the Golfer
Baker's Custom Golf
9909 East 61st Street
Forget shopping at the big-box stores for your golf-happy dad. If you want service, attention and selection, it's all about shopping the local scene.

For the Book Lover
Steve's Sundry Books and Magazines
2612 South Harvard Avenue
Forget the giant, faceless bookstores - this book and magazine seller's got personality, and lunch, too, while you're perusing for the perfect volume for dad this Father's Day.

For the Runner
Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa
5968 S. Yale Ave. in KingsPointe Shopping Center
Dad need new running gear? Get whatever he needs at this local store, which will soon open a location downtown in the Blue Dome District.

For the Movie Buff
Audio Video Connections
Time for dad to upgrade the ol' home theater system? Go custom with this Tulsa company.

For the Grill Master
1313 S. Lewis Ave.
Man cannot live on grilled food alone, but he sure can try. Help dad achieve this noble goal with a grill from this Tulsa-based company.

For the Collector
The Gadget Company
104 East 15th Street
Your dad have a thing for collection zero-gravity pens? How about duct tape accessories like wallets and money clips? Or candles scented like garage, cut wood and pizza? Get this and more at this boutique of all that is man.

For the Sports Fanatic
Tulsa Drillers
Tulsa Talons
Tulsa Shock
Sports Fan-Attic
Between all the teams with schedules this summer in Tulsa, you're sure to find some tickets that'll make that dad in your life with sports on the brain drool. Throw in a little something emblazoned with the logo of his favorite team from the Sports Fan-Attic and you're golden.

For the Beer Lover
High Gravity Home Brewing Supply
Marshall Brewing Company
The great thing about High Gravity is that not only is the service impeccable and the selection superb, but they don't sell you a bunch of stuff and simply send you packing. Take brewing and winemaking classes every Saturday at High Gravity for free. If Dad isn't the patient kind, grab him a 22-ounce bottle or a six-pack of 12-ounce bottles of beer from Marshall Brewing Company, which operates a brewery just outside of downtown Tulsa.

For the Carnivore
Harvard Meats
3245 East 15th Street
If there's one thing Dad loves, it's steak. Get the good stuff here.

For the Straight Shooter
4144 East Admiral Place
You know what they say, folks - the word "gun" is just one letter away from the word "fun." Get Dad some gun fun and more at this ammo and sporting goods store this Father's Day.

For the Cigar Aficionado
The Cigar Box
RiverWalk Crossing in Jenks
The Village at Stone Wood Hills in Broken Arrow
If your dad likes a good stogey every now and then, check out what's in the humidor at either location of The Cigar Box. If you don't know what to buy, don't hesitate to ask - the service is knowledgeable, friendly and, in case you're not a cigar aficionado yourself, won't talk down to you if you don't know the difference between a Marlboro and a Macanudo.

For the Naked Dad
Dwelling Spaces
119 S. Detroit Ave.
Dad getting a little indecent? Stop by Dwelling Spaces for a complete selection of Tulsa-tastic shirts and sweatshirts and get that man into some clothes, for goodness sake.

Where in Tulsa are YOU shopping for Dad this Father's Day?


Anonymous said...

great ideas thanks!
lydia- brewburger

Catherine deCamp said...

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