Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Want Free Tickets to Tulsa Blogger Meetup/Tulsa Tweetup Thursday Night?

Ever wondered just exactly how much awesomeness would ensue if the folks from Tulsa Blogger Meetup showed up with the folks from Tulsa Tweetup at the same place, at the same time?

Wonder no more. It's happening. And very, very soon.

As in, tomorrow.

The deadline to order discount tickets was last Wednesday, but if you missed out, or even if you've already purchased your tickets, here's a way to snag a ticket for free.

Step 1: Point your browser to the Tasha Does Tulsa Facebook page.
Step 2: Find the status update about the Tulsa Blogger Meetup/Tulsa Tweetup Smackdown.
Step 3: Respond to the prompt in the status update.

That's it! You're in the drawing for one of eight tickets to this Thursday's event at ONEOK Field. I'll select winners at 4pm and post their names here shortly after. Good luck!

(If you missed the boat on purchasing tickets but would like to hedge your bets on winning a free one by slapping down some cash at the box office, simply ask for terrace seating when ordering tickets either by phone, online or in person at ONEOK Field. You won't get the discount price, but at least you'll be seated in our section, and that's really the whole point. That and $1 beer.)

I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow. I'm so excited that I'm already planning my deodorant-to-black-clothing ratio.

Some things are just too important to leave until the last minute.

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