Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Berry Pickin' in Tulsa

"Where can my kids visit a farm and pick their own berries?" It's summer, and that's one of the most oft-asked questions here at TDT lately.

I have to say, I'm so, so glad that you're asking. Picking berries with the kids isn't only an easy and satisfying way to spend time together as a family, but it's also great for building bright minds and healthy bodies. Plus, freshly picked berries is one of the most magical taste adventures there is. Ask anyone who's had a just-picked strawberry, or a cobbler made from the blackberry bush out back. It's heaven in a Pyrex pan.

After the jump is a list of berry farms in the Tulsa area at which you and your kids are welcome to pick to your heart's content.

Call ahead for guest hours, and have fun!

Bucket of Berries
Where: 13695 Dugans Road in Sapulpa
Phone: (918) 227-0101
When: Mid-April thru Mid-July
What's available: Blackberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Cedar Bluff Raspberries
Where: 3101 Stanfield Road in Sapulpa
Phone: (918) 227-3589
When: June-July
What's available: Raspberries. With a capital-R.

Cimmaron Valley Ranch
Where: RR 1, Box 30 in Cleveland
Phone: (918) 694-9281
What's available: Apples, cherries and peaches.

Deep Fork Farms
Where: 11265 Dentonville Road in Okmulgee
Phone: (918) 267-3477
What's available: You get your organic pecans from Deep Fork Farms, but did you know that during the summer, you can get other organic produce from them, too?

Hatcher's Farm and Greenhouse
Where: Route 1 Box 63A in Sand Springs
Phone: (918) 245-7143
What's available: Apples, blueberries and blackberries.

Jordan Farms
Where: 14649 Creager Road in Hectorville
Phone: (918) 366-4881
When: July-August
What's available: Blackberries, baby!

Livesay Orchards
Where: 39232 E. 231st. St. South in Porter
Phone: (918) 483-2102
When: Mid-June thru October
What's available: Livesay is famous for Porter Peaches, but a variety of local fruits and vegetables are available there.

Lone Bird Blackberries
Where: 26168 E. 191st. South in Haskell
Phone: (918) 482-3884
What's available: Blackberries, blackberries and, oh yeah, more blackberries. Yum!

Owasso Tree and Berry Farm
Where: 11039 N. 129th East Ave. in Owasso
Phone: (918) 272-9445
What's available: You buy your Christmas tree here, so why not pick your blackberries here, too?

Ritchie Blackberry Farm
Where: 100 N. Mt. Vernon Road in Yale
Phone: (918) 605-6226
When: June-July
What's available: Blackberries to your heart's content - thornless varieties, even.

Skedee Farms
Where: 4 miles north of Pawnee on Hwy 18
Phone: (918) 767-2142
What's available: Got blackberries? No? Get 'em here.

The Peppermint Dragon
Where: 7920 W. 133rd St. South in Sapulpa
Phone: (918) 224-5337
When: June-August
What's available: Everything from blackberries to peppers to pre-picked produce.

The Toomey's Black 'n' Blue Thornless Berry Farm
Where: 22629 E. 61st Street in Broken Arrow
Phone: (918) 595-5881
What's available: Blackberries, blackberry preserves and, probably, blackberry accessories. Sorry - I watch too much King of the Hill and I couldn't help myself.

Thunderbird Berries
Where: 7515 S. Hansen Road in Broken Arrow
Phone: (918) 704-5374
When: May-August
What's available: Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries - oh, my!

Woodland Farm
Where: 1211 E. 166th Street in Skiatook
Phone: (918)
What's available: Blackberries.

For more outdoor fun in Oklahoma this summer, check out Oklahoma Agritourism.

Looking to check out the local farmers' market with the fam? Check here for a complete list of area markets, times and locations.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME IDEA! Getting my son to walk? Nearly impossible. Getting him to help gather some of his favorite ingredients for summer desserts? This will work!

Anonymous said...

When I click on the Thuderbird Berries link it shoots me to a site about Thunderbird Automotive. Please fix it, I would love to go here but need further info. Thank you.

Tasha said...

Hey, Anonymous. Should be fixed now - as fixed as possible, anyway, since they don't seem to have a website after all. The phone number might be your best bet - you'd need to call to check on guest hours anyway, as I mentioned in the beginning of the post.

Anonymous said...

Thunderbird does have a website it is www.thunderbirdberryfarm.com

Tasha said...

All fixed - thanks for the help, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Bucket of berries no longer allows children under 12, I'm told

Anonymous said...

I took my 3yr old out to bucket of berries about 3 weeks ago

Anonymous said...

That's cool, when I called last week that's what the lady told me. Maybe it depends on who's working

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