Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Calling all Tulsa Bloggers: A Social Media Smackdown

ONEOK Field, Opening Night

Ever wondered just exactly how much awesomeness would ensue if the folks from Tulsa Blogger Meetup showed up with the folks from Tulsa Tweetup at the same place, at the same time?

Wonder no more. It's happening. And very, very soon.

Come one, come all of the Tulsa blogosphere and Twitterverse to ONEOK Field June 17. We'll talk social media on the terrace, drink $1 beers together, cheer on our Tulsa Drillers and generally geek out.

Tickets to this Tulsa social media smackdown - $6 for seating on the terrace at ONEOK Field - are on sale now. The number of the group, discounted tickets are limited and are only on sale until June 16, so if you think you might like to come...

...go ahead and reserve your tickets now.

Grab your Drillers t-shirts and baseball caps, my fellow Tulsa Web jockeys - see ya'll there!

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Ingrid Williams "imagirlscout" said...

It must be sold out already! If anyone has an extra ticket, please let me know (only need one)!

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