Friday, June 25, 2010

Miss Tulsa Refreshment Pageant: Which is Tulsa's Most Refreshing Summertime Treat?

UPDATE//The pageant judges have spoken!


Despite much speculation from the TDT Facebook community that Braum's actually has the better cherry limeade, the Cherry Limeade from Sonic beat out all other tasty Tulsa refreshments and accepted the crown this morning with humility and grace. Feel free to visit her between 2-4pm today for happy hour, when you can take her home for half price.

The QuikTrip 49-cent drink won the title of first runner-up, with a frosty glass of Weber's root beer taking third place.

Thanks, all, for voting! Have a refreshing day, T-Town style.


Now that the first week of summer has smacked us upside the head with a 100-degree-plus heat index every day this week, we Tulsans are all thinking of ways to stay cool. An easy way to do that is from the inside out, with a tasty, local refreshment.

But, which gets the job done best? To find the answer, say hello to the first-ever TDT Refreshment Pageant, a showcase of some of Tulsa's most refreshing refreshments and icy-cold treats.

Be sure to vote for your favorite after the jump.

QuikTrip 49-cent Fountain Drink. At just 49 cents, not only is this refreshment refreshing, but it's also easy on the wallet.

Photo by Irritated Tulsan - if you're not reading this blog, you're missing out on some serious Tulsa hilarity.

Sonic Drive-In Cherry Limeade. Between 2-4pm, it's half-price, but it's always fully delicious.


Anything from Josh's Sno Shack. There's not a line of 30-plus summer-struck Tulsans outside every Josh's location at all times for no reason.

Weber's Root Beer. A bonafide Tulsa classic, best served in a frosty mug.

Marshall Beer. My favorite for summer is the hoppy Atlas Pale Ale, but Marshall gives thirsty Tulsans some seriously tasty options.

T-Rex Pie at Joe Momma's Pizza Downtown

Arnold's Chocolate Malt. It's legendary in its maltiness, and it can only be found at this west Tulsa burger joint.

Arnold's Malt

FroYo from Cherry Berry. This Tulsa-based frozen yogurt chain knows how to serve up some seriously refreshing treats, but they don't. They let you do it instead, letting you totally customize your refreshment experience.

Cherry Berry

Farmers' Market Margarita from Elote Cafe. It doesn't get any more local than this, folks, especially with blueberries from the farmer's market mixed in.


Which is Tulsa's most refreshing, frosty-cool treat?

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Now that you've voted for your favorite Tulsa summertime treat, go forth and refresh yourself. Don't forget to take this list of refreshments along as your Tulsa guide to extreme heat relief.

And don't forget to check out the latest on what's going on in Tulsa this weekend.


Ed said...

Kinda hope that people vote for something actually MADE in Tulsa.

Sarah T. said...

I voted for Weber's Root Beer but I think Braum's Cherry Limeades are better than Sonic's. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think Cosmic Cones at Cherry Street Farmers' Market should have been on the list.
It is shaved ice with handmade natural syrups most made from local fruits and herbs. It isn't your average shaved ice and it refreshes you on a hot Saturday morning.

Michael said...

I agree with Sarah RE: Cherry Limeades. My vote goes to Webers just because of fond childhood memories.

Elote's Farmers Market Margarita is delicious...but $8.00. Yikes. That's 16 delicious Quiktip Iced Teas or a couple of root beer floats from Weber's.

Anonymous said...

Had the blackberry/blueberry farmers market margarita on Tuesday night. It was good, but not $8 good.

How about QT's new frozen drink bar at their new concept store? 69 cents for 32 ounces of pina colada deliciousness!

Linda said...

I second the vote for Cosmic Cones at Cherry Street Farmer's Market. Lemon-Basil or Blueberry-Chipotle shaved ice. Now that's refreshing! Check them out on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=100001219235076&ref=search

Brian S said...

I think the Weber's root beer, lovingly made by hand in the shack's basement and a world-class treat that I've boasted to New Yorkers about, should have won. But I will admit that the Sonic winner is very very good.

Lost City Denise said...

I'm Anonymous and Linda - Cosmic Cones are fabulous! My choice is the Pineapple and Basil! Thanks for including the locals like Elote and Webers in the mix! Great TULSA food/drink sources.

The abundance of fast food on the list is very disheartening.

Tasha said...

Hey, Denise. I wish I had known about Cosmic Cones before I wrote this post, because I definitely would have included them in the pageant. They sound absolutely fabulous! I can't wait to try one. It's on the top of my to-do list.

As for the presence of fast food on this list - yeah, there's a lot of it. But, that's kind of what a summertime refreshment means to me - quick, easy and refreshing while you're on the go having summer fun. Nothing on this list is from some faceless mega-food corporation based in some other part of the country, though - all companies from which these refreshments come are either Tulsa- or Oklahoma-based.

For what it's worth!

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