Monday, February 1, 2010

Tulsa Blogger Meetup: Let's Sweeten This Deal.

Almost 40 of my fellow Tulsa-area bloggers have agreed to show up at Joe Momma's this Thursday evening for the first Tulsa blogger meetup in many a moon.

First, that'd be a pretty darned good turnout for a group of people typecast as the behind-the-scenes, reclusive sort.  Second, I bet you all didn't know there were 40 bloggers in the Tulsa area at all.

Well, there are. Actually, there are many more. But more about that later.

More than a few of you bloggy bloggersons have expressed reservations about showing up at this little shindig. Some of you are shy. Some feel nervous about sitting across the table from the likes of Brett and Kate McKay of The Art of Manliness or Michael Champlin of Tulsa Project or Blake Ewing, the devious mind behind Joe Momma's and, soon, more (and yes, he blogs).

Maybe a few games and prizes will act like an ultimate margarita - you know, the kind with the 2-cent garter around the glass, with extra salt on the rim - and loosen up those of you on the fence about joining us.

Prizes, Baby. Prizes.

T-Rex Pie at Joe Momma's Pizza Downtown

One prize will be a little somethin'-somethin' from The Gadget Company. Only the manliest of men (and women - hey, we have manly skills, too) will be eligible for this prize. We may or may not measure this manliness with a mini thumb-wrestling tourney. Come warmed up and ready to play.

Another prize will be a gift certificate to Shoe Gypsy. This prize will go to the individual demonstrating the most need for such a prize (read: the ugliest shoes in the house).  If anyone comes in the shoes that I wear every day and wins, I will cry. And that's okay, but only because it will make for a good blog post.

Last but not least will be the prize of free food from Joe Momma's, home of my love, the object of my desire, the bacon cheeseburger pizza. In pickles and mustard on my pizza I trust.

I can't tell you about the contest in which you'll have to participate for a chance to win some free Momma yums, though. It's a secret. If you want to know about this contest, you're just going to have to come to the meetup.

I can tell you, though, to have your camera phones (or, if you're ghetto like me, your point-and-shoot, laptop and cable) hot and ready.

If you're a Tulsa-area business and you'd like to throw another prize on top of the pile, e-mail me.

If you're a Tulsa blogger, you can still e-mail me. I love e-mail. Especially e-mail from bloggers who meet me downtown on a chilly Thursday night to eat pizza, drink beer and thumb wrestle.

See you there.


Boot ~C said...

any idea how late the shindig will go on? I have a class until 8:30 ish on Thursdays.

Anonymous said...

brewburger can throw in a burger or two!--lydia

SheezKrafty said...

I shall be there with mi madre! Never done anything like this before! Looking forward to it!

Tasha said...

Boot ~C, I bet it'll last until 9 or so and then bleed over into Trivia (yes, with a capital T). I can't stay that late, but I bet a lot of people will.

Lydia! I'm calling you tomorrow.

SheezKrafty, don't tell anybody, but my mom is coming, too. She doesn't blog or anything, but she sometimes comments on blogs. And around here, dammit, that counts.

TulsaGal said...

I'm so bummed I won't be able to come; catching a plane to Dallas to see my daughter Thursday eve :o( Sure hope you do this again sometime. I'd love to meet fellow Tulsa bloggers!


Stillapill said...

I might be able to come - what time is it?

SheezKrafty said...

Shewy! My mom blogs more than I do! She's got a problem. Ok, two: blogging and me :)

Laura R. said...

Wishing I could be there too, but have a Bunco commitment to sub for another group. I'll throw in a Beach Bum Wannabe Bikini for a prize if you want!

LDWatkins said...

I'm 175 miles south. Is that still considered Tulsa area? I'm teasing. Sounds like much fun! Enjoy!

Christine said...

Tasha! I wish I could come but my son has a school function tonight. I'm the newbie at (hometeamwins). Hope to see you soon at another shindig though!

Redneck Diva said...

Okay, TWO mommas coming! My momma offered to go with (and spare my husband) and I said no one else would be bringing their mommas and I didn't want her to feel all "No one puts Momma in a corner" like on Dirty Dancing. Okay, now I'm calling her back.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Wish I wasn't right over in the NW corner of Okieland, otherwise I'd have tried to get there. Just watched a video of you presenting prizes, good job.

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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