Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Drillers Stadium

Can you guess what I'm thinking about today?

Woodward Park

The weather has been lovely today. It's hard not to think of...

It's Officially Spring, Tulsa

Spring, baby. Spring, sweet spring.

Purdy Lettuce

Oh, local lettuce from Three Springs Farm. Between you and a new stadium to break in down in the Blue Dome District here in a few months (tickets are already on sale for opening night, so get 'em while they're hot), I'm chomping at the bit for spring to arrive this year. 

Drillers Stadium

I just wanted you to see why.


Mikey said...

The stadium is really more in the Brady / Greenwood than it is the Blue Dome. Just sayin'.

Krysalis said...

Me too - I've been tasting spring all day.

Stephen said...

It's kind of at the intersection of all three. You could call it BlueBradyWood, BradyWoodDome, or BradyGreenBlueDome.

Tasha said...

Stephen, I think you're the most right of the three of us. I like BlueBradyWood best.

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