Saturday, February 13, 2010

Skate Date Winners. Yes, Winners with an -S.

Skate Date 2009

You know how I was running that contest earlier today for two passes to Skate Date, the uber-hip, Valentine's Day-inspired event happening at BOK Center all day tomorrow?

Yeah, well, about that.

See, I really do have two passes to Skate Date, plus a voucher for a horse-and-carriage ride. What I didn't mention before was that I have two MORE passes to Skate Date than I said I had.

See? It always pays to enter contests her at TDT. You never know what's going to happen. I mean, who knows, I might give something awesome to everyone who enters a contest someday. You just never know how crazy things are going to get around here.

Okay, let's talk winners. Like I said, I let my husband judge the contest. He pored over your entries on Facebook, Twitter and here at the blog and came to what he said was a very tough decision.

The winner of the first two Skate Date passes is Vicki Mae. Hubs liked that, according to what she said on Twitter, she and her hubs were going to go anyway, whether they won tickets or not. Way to do Tulsa, Vicki Mae. He also liked the idea of saving another young married couple $20 for their effort.

The winner of the second two Skate Date passes, plus a free ride in the horse-drawn carriage, is Jenny from the local blog, Crash Test Mommy. Hey, you guys? If you're not already reading Crash Test Mommy, you should be. That way you won't be like my husband when he tells his blogger wife that he thinks that Jenny chick from Crash Test Dummy is pretty funny and by the way she entered your Skate Date contest and I think that we should give her the tickets and said blogger wife promptly blows his head off of his neck with OMG it's JENNY JENNY JENNY from Crash Test MOMMY, you buffoon, and DID SHE REALLY ENTER MY CONTEST??? because I understand it's not too pleasant of an experience, really.

Thanks all I've got, folks. Thanks so much for playing the third contest in a row here at TDT this Valentine's week. I hope you all have a mushy, gushy, ultra-romantic Valentine's Day. Or, an uneventful, relaxing, all-about-you Valentine's Day. However it is you roll.

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