Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh, Taquito

After the Ttownmoms.com segment on Channel 2 yesterday and after I headed back out into the snow that was falling yesterday morning, I was on the prowl for lunch.

Sometimes I forget myself and point my car to a drive-thru. That's what happened yesterday - twice, actually. When I'm hungry (and other times, too), I'm not the brightest crayon in the box.

I needed a quick lunch. I didn't have time to stop, eat and chat with a person who I'd inevitably know dining there (those of you who make a habit of patronizing local restaurants know what I mean). But, I wanted to put my dollars - I only had two in cash, by the way, so that was another constraint on my midday meal - in the pocket of someone as local as possible.

Then, I had an idea.

Oh, Taquito

Oh, taquito. The one pictured is the beef and cheese taquito. It was so yum. Since I saved 40 cents by buying two - they're 2 for $2, or $1.19 each - I snagged the chicken taquito, too. The crispy, succulent, slightly spicy chicken taquito. Plus, QuikTrip is based in Broken Arrow, a very short drive from T-Town. That's local enough for me. Last but not least, I was in and out of QT faster than I could have made it through any drive-thru on Brookside at 11:45 on a Monday morning.

It's no secret that I love taquitos, but I also can't wait until Tulsa-area farmers markets open for the 2010 season so I can stop in for a super-fresh, early lunch on just about any day of the week.

What's your favorite quick, local food solution?

P.S. - Here's lookin' at you, Irritated Tulsan, my favorite QT food chronicler.


swb311 said...

Best cheap food:

Coney Island at 4th and Cheyenne - under $5 for 3 coneys and a drink!

Fastest food:

Nelson's at 3rd and Utica - Their lunch buffet has a plate of food in your hands within a couple of minutes of pulling in the parking lot.

MommaJ said...

I agree about the Farmer's Markets. I can't wait for May!

Great Blog!

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