Saturday, February 13, 2010

Skate Date 4 U

Skate Date 2009

What are these people doing?

Skate Date 2009

They're waiting in line, of course. 

But, for what?

Skate Date 2009

That's a long line, and that's a lot of folks. In fact, it looks like there are more than 7,500 of them. 

Whatever's at the front of this line must really be something worth waiting for.

Skate Date 2009

Let me just tell you - it is.

Skate Date 2009

V-Day happens only once a year, and so does the chance to skate on the 17,000-square-foot ice rink in the BOK Center under a giant disco ball with your sweetie, whoever that might be. 

Maybe it's your daughter, who just seems to be growing up just a little too fast. Maybe it's an old flame and you're hoping for an event that can help rekindle the fire. Maybe it's just your friend. With whom you'd like to skate in the dark to Endless Love.

What? Friends listen to Endless Love in the dark. 

Or, maybe it's your spouse of six years. In that case, watch yourself - spouses of six years are known for their antics on the ice.

Skate Date 2009

There's my spouse of six years - actually, last year, at the first-ever Skate Date at BOK Center, he was my spouse of five years. But, still. You can tell just by looking at him that he can't wait trip me. You see, he wants to be the guy to pick me up, dust me off and give me a kiss to make it all better.

Though I find fault with this plan, you can borrow it for this year's Skate Date, if you want. It's as good a lead as any.

Skate Date 2009

This week I said it on the KJRH Midday Show and the KRMG Morning News with Joe Kelley, and I'll say it again: This is one of my favorite Tulsa events all year long. If you're still looking for something to do this Valentine's Day, you should go. 

This event is a highly enjoyable way to do something memorable for the most romantic day of the year without blowing a wad of cash. Admission to the event is free - it doesn't get any cheaper than free, people - and skate rental is $10 per person, or $5 for kids under three. Or, if you bring your own skates, it's just $5 to get on the rink.  

Plus, the concession stands will be open. And social lubricant will be available for anyone who's over 21 and needs some. 

I'm sorry I said lubricant. Please don't tell my parents. I'll do anything.

Know what will be waiting in the BOK Center lobby? The chance to have your photo taken in front of a green screen. If I were you, I'd choose the moon landing background. It's very romantic. 

There will also be face painting and long-stemmed roses for sale. Outside on third street, the horse and carriage will be waiting to take you through the art deco-lined streets of downtown Tulsa. Carriage rides will be available noon-4pm and again from 5pm-9pm. Cool, huh? 

BOK Center

Would you believe me if I told you I know how to get on the rink at Skate Date for free? And into the horse-drawn carriage for free? 

No, it doesn't involve sneaking in some secret back door at the BOK Center or bribing the carriage driver. It does, however, involve talking to me. Which can be just as treacherous as breaking the law.

Leave a comment on this post. Tweet on Twitter. Update your status on Facebook. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you mention Skate Date and this blog when you do it. 

Blog post comment. You can tell me what you hope to get for Valentine's Day, what you got me for Valentine's Day, why you hate Valentine's Day thank you very much, what shoe size you wear or even your ABC's. It doesn't matter. Just leave a comment

Twitter. Same thing as with the blog post comment. Just make sure you put @tashadoestulsa so I can see what you wrote.

Facebook. Same thing as with Twitter and the blog post comment. Just make sure you tag me in whatever you post so I can see it (type @Tasha Does Tulsa and choose my Facebook profile in the drop-down menu that appears).

The winner - which will be chosen by my husband and will be based on originality since there won't be any easy way to put the entries in order for a drawing - gets two passes to Skate Date, plus a free ride in the horse-drawn carriage. 

Entries here at this blog post, on Facebook and Twitter will be accepted until 7pm this evening (Saturday, Feb. 13). As always, please don't enter this contest if you're not able to attend Skate Date tomorrow OR if you won't have access to the Internet this evening, which is when I'll announce the winner.

Good luck, and happy almost-Valentine's Day!

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Jenny @ crashtestmommy said...

You had me at disco ball. No, really.

Also, how much for fall-on-your-butt-pad rentals?

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