Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh, Angelo: Piatto Opens in Tulsa Hills

Piatto Cucina Italiana

I got to do this really cool thing a couple of weeks ago.

Piatto Cucina Italiana

I was asked to sit in on a taste test of the menu at a restaurant that will be opening very soon right here in Tulsa.

Piatto Cucina Italiana

That restaurant is Piatto Cucina Italiana, and its doors will open for lunch service at 11 a.m. on Monday morning, March 1. Piatto is in the Tulsa Hills shopping center at 71st Street and Highway 75.

Piatto is owned by Marcia Harris and Angelo Amabile, and they both came to Tulsa from the Sunshine State.

Actually, while Angelo came to Tulsa from somewhere else in the U.S., he's originally from the Salerno region of Italy.


Meaning, he has a delicious Italian accent.


Piatto Cucina Italiana

Quick! Which is sexier - Angelo, or those fried leek-topped scallops?

I know. I can't decide, either. 

Here's Marcus. Or, as I should say, Chef Marcus. Marcus will be the head craftsman in the kitchen at Piatto. 

Piatto Cucina Italiana

Marcus isn't one of those angry chefs like on TV. Instead of throwing plates of hot food at you when you ask a question about what he's up to at the stove, he chats you up about the noms he puts in front of you. We bantered about everything from olive oil to ground pepper. 

Plus, Marcus wears an apron. And he cooks. He cooks really, really well.

Piatto Cucina Italiana

Can you tell I think highly of men who can wield the power of a stove? Maybe just a tad?

Needless to say, at a menu testing, there's a lot of food happening. And normally, a dish or two needs work. 

I don't know if the Piatto folks did a test of their menu testing before their menu tasting, but I couldn't find much wrong with any of the dozen-or-so dishes put in front of me.

My friends and family who have dined out with me know that this is quite a compliment. More often than not I'm that chick sending stuff back to the kitchen multiple times because the pasta is overcooked, the meat is overcooked or because the vegetables are overcooked (do we see a trend here? Don't overcook my food, okay?). Amanda and Holly are among the few who have the nerve to visit a restaurant with me. These women are brave souls.

And I'm kind of a jerk. And I'm okay with that. Most days. 

Piatto Cucina Italiana

Fried chickpeas. Oh, yum.

Piatto Cucina Italiana

House-made peppardelle with beef and slow-roasted tomatoes. Fork-tender meat, deep flavors and pasta that was actually cooked al dente.

Heck yes. 

Piatto Cucina Italiana

Cannellini beans with shrimp and tomatoes and broth. Light and delicate, this dish would be the perfect light supper.

Piatto Cucina Italiana

Gnocchi with house-made sausage, tomato and spices. Spicy, simple and sexy. 

Piatto Cucina Italiana

There was a lot of this happening at the testing, of course. Everyone becomes close friends when Italian food hits the table. 

For dessert we had this.

Piatto Cucina Italiana

Which was basically just a sliced-up version of a rustic apple pie, served up with a side of the softest, most delicately flavored hazelnut gelato I've ever had.

Piatto Cucina Italiana

Now that's a pretty pie. The kind I make, not so much.

Pie Fail

Oh my yikes. Let's not go there.

We also had this.

Piatto Cucina Italiana

A rich chocolate cake that was just as delectable as it looks. With more lovely gelato, for which I was most thankful. 

If any of this has you mopping drool from your keyboard, you're in luck. Thanks to the folks at Piatto, I have two spots to this Sunday's preview dinner reserved for one lucky TDT reader. Not only will you get to try Piatto before just about anyone else in Tulsa, but you'll also get free dinner and dessert. And you'll get to meet Angelo, too. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. 

I'll accept entries until tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 25) at 8 p.m. Please enter only if you'll be in the Tulsa area and available for dinner this Sunday between 6-9 p.m. 

Good luck, everybody. And buon appetito!

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Kelie Myers said...

My mouth is watering! I plan to be in town anyway and you bet I'll be hungry for Italian food at dinner time.
Kelie Myers

Josiah said...

Yummy! I sure we win this one! We'll be in town for a Hockey Game and that sounds like a perfect dinner to follow. Josiah Smith

suburban hippie mama said...

that food looks AMAZING...great pictures!

Stephanie said...

Yum! I love Tulsa Hills and I'm happy to see a new restaurant there.

Cory said...

I have yet to find good gnocchi in Tulsa and that picture looks to die for! Pick me! Oh please pick me! From a girl that lives to eat not who eats to live!

Lindsay said...

Sounds so good!! Always up for a new Italian restaurant!

stewart-maddox said...

I've been watching them build and I have been dying to try it!! My husbands Bday and my Bday are next week--would be a nice treat!!

Brian said...

Awesome!!! The food looks great! You are getting really good with the pics! We got to try some today..yum!


Anonymous said...

Consider me entered! Amazing looking food!

April and Ashley said...

I've been eying this place on facebook for a while now. All I really care about is the fact that they make their own gelato!!!!! That spicy sausage sounds amazing too!

Kate Huggins said...

I'm now dying to try fried chickpeas.

Mr. Jesse said...

Ho. Lee. Crap. Think I just pee'd a little.

Anonymous said...

I don't want you to consider us because we love food, are restaurant people, didn't do anything for Valentine's Day because of said restaurant comment, and our bouncing baby (sex unknown) in my wife's belly probably shouldn't have such delicious food.

So don't pick us.

Kingdaddy1773 on Twitter

Michelle Sifuentes said...

Amazing! We are dying for it to open. I love the fried chickpea plate & the chocolate/ice cream dessert. Scallops? I just died! Can't wait til it opens...but a sneak preview would make us ecstatic!

Anonymous said...

I was hooked as soon as I saw the house-made peppardelle with beef and slow-roasted tomatoes and then the fried chickpeas! It's 10:45 pm and now I'm hungry for Italian food. And those desserts look heavenly!

Kelly said...

OK. What is it with decent restaurants never hitting my part of town? Oh well. I'd drive to get some of those chickpeas, or gnocchi, or cannellini beans with shrimp and tomatoes and broth, better stop or I'll go into Homer Simpson drool mode.

Nece said...

Oh my! I had to wipe the drool from my screen and keyboard before I could even comment! Add to that the potential of a date night with my gorgeous hubby? WOOT! Major yum and GREAT contest! You da bomb, babe! =)


kariteimo at gmail dot com

ba_joker said...

I'm always down to try a new Italian place. I'll even check my email to see if I won.


Nate said...

I wish they came downtown with this restaurant. That looks delicious.

Brigid said...

Voglio vincere la gara! My piacerei mangiare il cibo italiano autentico.

(I'd also love to speak Italian with Angelo!)

Alisa said...

Fried chickpeas! Sounds great.

Sunshine said...

Oh please oh please oh please! I've been dying to try this place out ever since the first time I saw the sign go up on the building. On another note, is it just me or does Angelo look a bit like my favorite comedian, Stephen Fry???

Leanne said...

Yum! Sounds amazing. I'd like to enter to win!

christine said...

Looks delicious!

SpiffySilpion said...

Oh man, this looks awesome! I wonder what their price range will be for their menu.

Brodricks said...

I could make a trip into the big city for a great dinner. I would love to come!!! But if I don't get it, it sounds like I need to come eat once it opens... :)

dmordhorst said...

I'd love some delicious italian food. I work in the area, so I'll probably eat lunch there regardless.

Karri said...

Wow!! That looks amazing . . . I would love to try it!

Trait said...

This looks like a great place. The wife and I would love to give it a try!

Becky said...

Yummy. I haven't had good Italian in ages. And, I have actually been to Italy and done my own random culinary tour. Those chain restaurants try, but this sounds like the real deal.

Joy A said...

MMMMmmmm, wow. I've never been to a preview dinner before. It sounds so fancy. And, Tasha, I just love reading your blog. Your voice in your writing is so fun; I know if we hung out we'd be fast friends :-)

Marilyn said...

Beautiful food - fried chickpeas ~ those have to be heavenly. It all looks wonderful and I would LOVE to be picked to try the restaurant! Here's hoping! Thanks Tasha!

Neb said...

Woah, this looks like some amazing food. Hope to try it soon!

Mike Edwards said...

looks terrific. I am drooling.

Jessica said...

Everything looks delicious! Can't wait to try it out.

Sara said...

Oooh...oooh!! Me, me, me!!

sour_moxie said...

It would be nice to reconnect with T town since moving to Muskogee. I miss the variety and originality of cuisine in Tulsa. Always something new opening and always refreshing! I'm free that eve, so I'll go. ;)

Candice said...

OMG, I cannot wait to try this place, these pictures are torture just knowing I have to wait until Monday to try it out!!! What I am going to do all weekend with peppardelle with beef and gelato on the brain?!?!?!?

kellisor said...

That looks delicious! I hope I win!

Anonymous said...

That looks absolutely fantastic, can't wait to try

elizabeth ( said...

This looks FANTASTIC! The hazelnut gelato has me drooling, not to mention the cute Italian men!

Stillapill said...

I would give up my diet for this!!!

Shelley (

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try some rustic Italian food, not just the commercialized Italian that is all over Tulsa. Sounds and looks amazing.

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