Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music in Tulsa Tonight

Lola's at the Bowery

Looking for a musical way to spend this Wednesday night? Here are a few ideas.

When: 8pm
Where: Joe Momma's, 112 S. Elgin Ave. in downtown Tulsa
Start warming those vocal cords, kids, because karaoke and fundraising have joined forces to bring Tulsans CharityOkie. This event benefits Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma and all the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses that the organization aims to grant. It's free to sing, but you have to pay $5 to sing the songs highlighted in the songbooks (read: the crowd-pleaser songs). If you want to be the next singer in line, it'll cost you $20. You can make a $10 donation to "gong" a singer off stage. Fun! If you're the one singing and you'd prefer not to suffer gong humiliation, you'd better buy some gong insurance for $10. All singers are auto-qualified to win one of three prize packs, and there are other opps to win prizes, too. You'd better show up to find out how.

Rebecca Ungerman Presents: Vicki Genfan in Concert
When: 7:30pm
Where: Dennis R. Neill Equality Center, 621 E. Fourth Street in downtown Tulsa
You know that when Rebecca Ungerman says someone is amazing, it must be true. Vicki Genfan won the title Guitar Superstar in the 2008 competition sponsored by Guitar Player Magazine. Using 29 alternate tunings and the percussive technique she calls slap-tap, Vicki creates waves of sound with two hands and her voice. Drawing from folk, jazz, pop, soul and world music, whether covering the tunes of others or presenting her own compositions, Vicki is said to have a distinctive style that pushes the boundaries of the singer/songwriter genre. Now, if that doesn't sound like something worth seeing, I don't know what is. Admission is $10.

Solo Acoustic Night with Eric Himan
When: 9pm
Where: Lola's at the Bowery, 5 E. Brady Street in downtown Tulsa
I know you've seen Eric and the Adams play, but have you ever seen Eric do his own thing? Tonight's your chance. That this event happens in the Brady District restaurant that has more hip than Marilyn Monroe is a bonus. Grab a drink from the bar, order some tapas and see where Eric takes this thing. Girls, bring your folding fans. I have a feeling you'll need them.

The Canebrake

Round Mountain @ The Canebrake
When: 7-10pm
Where: The Canebrake, 33241 East 732nd Road
Have dinner (see above, but grab a napkin first - you'll be drooling) and drinks at one of the best bars in greater Tulsa. Then, get a load of this (yes, this is real):

And there's no cover. No kidding. Hit the road, Jack.

So, hey. What are YOU doing tonight?

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