Monday, February 22, 2010

Behind the Scenes at KJRH Channel 2 with

TDT on 2HD Midday

I get a lot of questions about how I like being on TV and radio. Rather than tell you, I'll just show you.

We'll stick to the TV side of things for now. We'll talk about radio later. Muahahahaha.

To here is where I point my vehicle when it's time for a segment.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

That's the KJRH Channel 2 building, right in the heart of Tulsa's Brookside district. It's right next door to Old School Bagel, which is good for my soul, but not so much for my thighs.

I'm sorry, thighs.

By the way, if you're a parent or a parent-to-be or you know a parent or two, you really should sign up for I like to call it the Facebook for Tulsa parents. Not only is it another fun social medium with which to play, but it's also a useful resource for anyone living with a brood of walking, talking (or crawling and drooling, depending on age) tax deductions.

Anyway. After I'm buzzed in - Joe Schmo can't just saunter up to the KJRH building, walk inside, find the studio and have himself 30 seconds of fame, which is a good thing - I hike it to the green room.

There it is. It's winking at us.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

The Midday Show on KJRH with

Here we are. There are no trays of gourmet sandwiches or chocolate covered strawberries, nor are there hair stylists or make-up artists or gold-plated toilet seats. But, there are mirrors.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

I can never resist a mirror. Especially a bathroom mirror. Especially when I have a digital camera.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

Because I'm Generation Y, that's why.

Hey. Do I have something on my nose?

The Midday Show on KJRH with

The doctor scoped you where??

The Midday Show on KJRH with

I may or may not have these same tiles in my bathroom at home. Except they may or may not be sky blue.

Tile color doesn't matter, people. What matters is that the bath/dressing room is a sacred place. It's the only place where I can adjust my Spanx knock-offs without being judged. I cherish that.

The Midday Show at Channel 2 gets started at 11 in the morning. The segment, however, doesn't air until 11:50. So, I can waste up to 30 minutes playing in the mirror. Not that I've ever done that. I'm just saying, I could if I wanted to.

I spend a good amount of time studying the notes that I make the Friday before each segment, all of which air on Mondays.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

I need to have a pretty good handle on what's on this page of notes since, once I'm on camera with Erin or Marla or Justin, I don't get to fall back on my notes. I have to know my stuff or else...well, I don't really want to think about what "or else" could mean. I imagine it'd look something like Garth in Waynes World when Wayne leaves the studio in the middle of a live show and Garth is left to carry on by himself and the guys in the sound booth are pretty sure his head is going to explode.

Just when I start to wonder if anyone would ever find out if I jumped on the couch or not, this guy shows up.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

He's a nice guy. He thinks I'm silly. He rolls his eyes when I joke with him. And that's okay. I only spent five minutes crying about it.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

Here we see Marla and Erin rockin' the Midday Show. And over there is some guy who kinda looks like the Soap Swami.

Does anyone remember that guy? Used to be on Six in the Morning back when it was LeAnn and Rick? Every word that came out of that guy's mouth was gold, man. Solid gold.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

Anyway. After I pass behind the cameras as quietly as possible (even though the show is at commercial when I come in, but still - I'm scared to death I'll make a noise), I sit in the chair on your right.

Here's where the magic happens.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

Here's Erin.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

Erin's great. And nice. And way pretty.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

The anchor and I touch briefly on each event I plan to describe in the segment. That's what I do in these segments, by the way - I talk about stuff to do around town for kids and parents.

Pretty soon the cameras roll up and it's time to get started.

The Midday Show on KJRH with

This is also the time when I feel like I might barf. But I haven't. Yet.

Instead, something like this happens.

And after, I sneak out of the studio, grab my stuff from the green room, run to my car, lock the door and giggle incessantly while waving my arms in the air. It's how I expel adrenaline, okay? If I didn't do this, I'm pretty sure I'd drive 90 miles per hour all the way home.

That's it! That's my experience of TV. It's fun, it's exciting and it's not as hard or nerve-wracking as everyone thinks it is. Plus, it's fun for me to hear from folks who heard about an event on one of my segments and had a great time trying something new.

Yeah. That's the best part. Getting the young and the old alike to do Tulsa and to discover how amazing their city is is pretty much the coolest thing ever.


Holly Wall said...

That's it. I'm petitioning TBJ for a television. With cable. I cannot miss this anymore. And I can't figure out how to work the Interwebs well enough to watch it later online.

Breast Impressions - Judi G said...

Missed you this A.M. but recognize lots of those behind the scenes shots. And that bathroom mirror is the BEST lit of ALL the stations in town. I know... I've peed in all of them. The highlight of my interviews at KJRH is ALWAYS the big hug from Julie Chin. She rocks in my books!

Cindy said...

I loved the Soap Swami on "Six in the Morning."

Traveling Spork said...

Lookin' good, freak! For real. I have "Who's that laday?" stuck in my head now... =)

...who's that laday?...WHO'S THAT LADY?.... that sexay laday....WHO'S THAT LADY?...

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the KJRH building. While visiting the Old School Bagel Cafe, we noticed the "fins" on the south side of the KJRH building. They also look like they can move, like maybe encasing the building in an armadillo like casing.

So, the questions:
1) what are the fins for
2) do they rotate to encase the building
3) if they move, do they ever feel the need to move them?

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