Thursday, April 22, 2010

What To Do in Tulsa This Weekend

ONEOK Field, Opening Night

Looking for this week's edition of What to Do in Tulsa This Weekend?

It's up there. No, not there. There - below the header and to the right and bit.

Bingo! You've got it.

Here are the highlights: Identified flying objects. The birthday party of the musician who created the Tulsa Sound. An American Idol-style competition down at ONEOK Field. The 60th anniversary of a Tulsa icon. It's all happening in Tulsa this weekend.

Check it out by clicking the link above, Do Tulsa This Weekend. We're going to see how this works.

For you fine folks reading this on your favorite feed reader, I'll have this ironed out soon so that the weekend rundown will be conveniently placed in your inbox Friday morning as usual. Okay? Okay. We can do this. I'll provide the cookies and/or beer.


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