Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to Feed Sushi to a Toddler

Sushi Train

It doesn't seem to matter if sushi looks like this Crunchy Philly Roll:

Sushi Train

Or this California Roll (on the left):

Sushi Train

Or this Lisa Roll:

Sushi Train

My son just isn't enthusiastic about sushi.


Sushi Train

Though it doesn't always end well, I do have a process for trying to coerce my son into trying foods that are foreign to him (though as much as this family eats sushi, especially from Sushi Train at 51st and Harvard, I don't quite see how we can classify it as a "foreign food"). For what it's worth, here's how it goes.

Get my 1-2-3 method for introducing new foods to toddlers on my blog at Ttownmoms.com.


ambientchatter said...

I would try making a PBJ or whatever known sandwich he likes and put in in a sushi roll form (shape). That would make the roll look not quite so foreign.

Kellyology said...

My daughter loves sushi, but didn't until she was 7. I think as a toddler it looks like candy, but it doesn't taste so. Now my daughter can't get enough of it.

Tasha said...

ambientchatter, that's a freaking brilliant idea. I'll have to give that a try.

Kellyology, I didn't try sushi until I was well into my twenties, so I figure your 7-year-old sushi eater was quite precocious!

globaltable said...

Great post! I read the whole thing at TTown Moms.

Kids won't starve themselves.. so I find a "this is what is for dinner... let me know when you're hungry enough to eat it" approach works well. With baby Ava we often try things several times over 30 minutes.. with breaks to go play and get hungry again.

H-Dub said...

I'm really impressed with how good that sushi looks. I tried Sushi Train a couple of years ago and wasn't a fan, but I might need to visit it again.

Traveling Spork said...

Oh my goodness! When did he get a neck?? =( sadness. He looks like a kid.

brian said...

Awesome pics.... the sushi looks great too. But I want one of those Farmers market burritos :p

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