Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This Saturday. It's coming. The new, the improved, Cherry Street Farmers Market.

Cherry Street Farmers Market

It's almost here.

Opening Day 2009 at Cherry Street Farmers Market

I'm talking about the flagship Cherry Street Farmers Market, and it opens at 7 a.m. this Saturday morning, April 10, for its 13th season.

But, it won't look like this.

Brookside Farmers' Market

The market outgrew its fishbowl in the parking lot at 15th and Quaker. This year it hits the street - Cherry Street, to be exact - and will spread from Quaker to Rockford Avenue. The road will be closed, there will be plenty of parking near the market, and we lovers of local food and the rhythm of weekly trips to this historic part of town to stock up can feel whole again.

Brookside Farmers' Market

This year there will be more vendors, plying wares ranging from produce and breads to beef and baked goods to bat houses. The folks with the Buy Fresh, Buy Local Oklahoma campaign will be on hand this Saturday to discuss with patrons farmers' markets, buying locally and reducing our carbon footprints. Plant vendors will share about how to select and care for plant material.

It's all good stuff.

Brookside Farmers' Market

Look next Saturday, April 17th, for a new kid-friendly booth. Elizabeth Martin, former CSFMA vendor, teaches art at Lee Elementary and will organize an art booth with kids in mind.

Plus, it'll be a great way for parents to relax and unwind and watch the kids play. Tax season will finally over, people.


Brookside Farmers' Market

On April 24th everyone at CSFM will celebrate Earth Day with Up With Trees. They'll give away free trees and discuss the greening of Tulsa and surrounding communities.

The Best Hummus In Town

Now that you know what events to look forward to as the market gets going for the 2010 season, what are you anticipating from vendors?

I'm pretty sure I couldn't live another weekend without Chef James Shrader's breakfast burritos - a girl can only survive so long without such deliciousness. And I can't wait to see my friends from Three Springs Farm and Bootstrap Farm. And I'm out of Hilltop Honey (have been for a month now - save me!), as well as my favorite Hilltop Honey lotion (patchouli, and no, I'm not a hippie...not every day, anyway).

And I love seeing the Midtowners' dogs on parade. And all the ladies in sun hats with produce peeking out from their fabric shopping bags.

And the samples. I love to try new yums.

Opening Day 2009 at Cherry Street Farmers Market

I've got a fever, people. And the only prescription is some CSFM.

What will you be thinking about this week as you wait for the market to open?


Anonymous said...

basil! can't wait for big, beautiful (cheap) bouquets of basil! -Leah

SmallTownGirl said...

Living in Texas will never compare to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Your blog makes me so homesick! Especially this post. Keep up the good work. =]

Kellyology said...

I'll be thinking...why does it open at 7am? Who's up at 7am on a Saturday? I mean it's Saturday...shouldn't it be 10 or something? ;) No really...how late is it open? Saturday mornings are soccer mornings, but would love to go later.

Tulsa Food Guy said...

I can't wait! I hope to find some exotic hot pepper plants (too lazy to start my own from seed).

Kelly, from what I recall from last year, we went relatively late (we're not morning people whatsoever) and it was winding down around 11AM-Noon. Unfortunately, those Farmer's Markets aren't for the "Up All Night, Sleep All Day" or Saturday Morning soccer crowd!

Maria said...

Haha! That's me in the blue Tulsa sweatshirt and my son by those older ladies. LOL!

I am thinking about the spinach and carrots I will have from the CSA (We use Three springs farms)...and the herbs I can buy...and yeah...local! I've been using Downing FAmily Farms for eggs and now I can get them every week instead of every other week. Ah...I love the farmer's market and local farmers!

Micah said...

Who can I contact about their website? Such a grand event needs to have a better site.

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