Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've been keeping something from you. See, it's about these photos...

I've been keeping something from you, my dear, intellectually superior, inordinately attractive readers. Something very, very exciting - not just for me, but for a boatload of people.

And not a little boatload of people. I'm talking about one of those big party barge things where there's room not only for all of your friends, but also for bocce ball, a cartwheel contest and beer pong.

THS/TDT Photo Show

That's how I feel about what I'm about to tell you: Like bocce ball, a cartwheel contest and beer pong all wrapped up into one glorious bit of great news.

Late last year a representative from Tulsa Historical Society contacted me about this post, the one in which I highlighted photos from the Tasha Does Tulsa group on Flickr. The folks at THS loved the photos so much that they asked if I was interested in helping them host a show there of the best of the best photos in the pool.

To which I responded, yeah, I don't know, give me awhile to think about it.

Just kidding! I was all, HECK YES! I was more excited than a t-shirt mannequin on puffy taco night, I tell you what.


Going about the process of choosing the photos for this show wasn't easy. I mean, there were 1,000 photos from nearly 100 photographers to choose from, and all of them were interesting and worthy. But, over the course of a few months, I managed to whittle it down to my favorite 50 photos.


Curious about which ones made the cut? I've been giving you a preview here in this post, but if you want the full treatment, you're just going to have to come see the show at Tulsa Historical Society. It starts May 8, and it runs until July 10. That's two solid months of TDT photo group goodness.

Downtown Tulsa at Night

When you visit the show, feel free to choose favorites. Once you have, let me know by leaving their names (they'll be next to or below the photos) at THS. Closer to July we'll host a reception for the photographers, their friends and family and anyone who's just plain ol' interested, and we'll have a people's choice awards presentation, too.

Cool, huh?

I certainly think so. I'm so proud of these photographers and what this online pool of Tulsa photos has become. These folks are adventurous, they're creative and they have a knack for capturing Tulsa's beauty as well as its quirks.

I like that in a photographer. Heck, I like that in everybody.


If you enjoy exploring Tulsa via your photography habit, I invite you to become part of the Tasha Does Tulsa group on Flickr. We're a dynamic, diverse group, and we'd love to have you. Who knows, maybe one of your photos will be part of another photo show someday.

Philbrook Gardens Tiltshift

See you at THS!


GreenEyes said...

I'm so excited about this project I can hardly wait. And I'm extra happy to be the lucky one who gets to print and hang these fabulous fifty photos! Glad the secret's finally out. It was a hard one to keep for so long!

Wade said...

I'm looking forward to the show Tasha. Thank you for selecting some of my photos!

beatnik said...

Thanks for including me in this. Excited to see my photos hang. I'm also a big fan of Wade's work as well.

myletterstoemily said...

i'll be there, for sure!

Kellyology said...

I didn't even know you had a photography group on flickr. Excited to go look at it.

Tasha said...

Gonna be a great show! Can't wait to see it this Saturday.

Jeremy said...

KUDOS. You rock Tasha. Thanks for doing all the things you do for Tulsa.

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