Monday, April 5, 2010

Got Bon Jovi Tickets? There's an contest for that.

UPDATE: We have a winner!

As of 10 a.m. last Friday morning, the TDT Fan Page on Facebook had 2,074 fans (it has 2,194 as of this writing - that's more than 100 new fans in four days - you guys rule at doing Tulsa).

I rubbed the belly of the Buddha that is and it pleased him to say...

The 1,115th fan to hit that Become a Fan button at the top of the TDT Fan Page was Heather O'Daniel. Thanks for being a TDT fan on Facebook, Heather! I know you'll have a blast at the BOK Center tonight groovin' out to Mr. Bon Jovi and pals.

For those of you who weren't so lucky this time, there are still tickets available to the show. Check 'em out and buy 'em here.

Stay tuned, y'all, for more Facebook fan contests over at the TDT Fan Page on Facebook. There's one coming up within the next couple of days, so stay tuned. Spread the love and suggest to your Tulsa-lovin' friends and family on FB that they fan it up, too.

TDT, over and out.


Bon Jovi is coming to Tulsa's BOK Center next week.

Wanna go? Because, if you're feeling lucky, that can be arranged.

I'm sure frontman Jon will be all smiles while he's rocking out in T-Town next week, considering his last gig as artist for hire at NBC.

"I hate it here." Ha! Great line. 

Anyway. If you want to see Bon Jovi and the gang - which has sold 120 million albums and performed more than 2,600 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 34 million fans, in case you didn't know - and their performance at the BOK Center April 13, which is sure to include both classic hits as well as tunes from their Nov. 2009 album The Circle, get thee to the Tasha Does Tulsa fan page on Facebook. Or, look at the top-left of this screen for the TDT Facebook badge.

Then, click the fan button. Ta-da! You're now eligible to win two tickets to the April 13 Bon Jovi concert at the BOK Center

This contest is the first of many I'll host exclusively for TDT Facebook fans.  If you've never been to the Tasha Does Tulsa fan page on Facebook and you like winning extra-awesome super happy fun stuff, it would behoove you to fan that sucker and fan it good. 

At 10 a.m. on Friday morning (April 9) I'll plug the number of fans on the TDT Facebook fan page into I'll announce the winner soon after. 

TDT over and out. Good luck! 

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Kellyology said...

I already have my tickets (of course), but I just wanted to say that this is an AWESOME contest! Yes. That's right. I used all caps.

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