Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You, Too, Can Do Thirsty Thursday

Thanks to Tulsa arts guru Holly Wall for the awesome post that's about the befall us all. Bring it on, Holly!

Mmmm… beer.

Know what’s better than a cold beer on a hot summer evening? A cold beer you got for a buck at a Drillers game on Thirsty Thursday.

Yes, sports fans, baseball season has arrived.

Let me preempt this by saying that I am not a sports fan. I’m one of those artsy fartsy types, remember, and therefore inclined to loathe any display of athletic competition.

But, of all the sports I dislike, baseball is probably the one I dislike the least. I spent a couple of years living in central Missouri, paying my way through college by slinging beer at sports bars. And in central Missouri in the summer, life pretty much revolves around beer and Cardinals baseball, forcing me to watch a game nearly every time one was on. Eventually, I sort of began to like them.

When I moved back to Tulsa and rediscovered the Drillers, I began to love them.

For the past four years, I’ve spent nearly every Thursday evening during the season at a Drillers game. Urban Tulsa Weekly has some pretty decent season passes for us writers, but I don’t think I’ve ever sat in a bad seat in the stadium, even without the UTW freebies. And whether the boys win or lose, they’re always fun to watch. Even more fun is watching the people seated around me, sweating their ever-lovin’ hinies off but loving it anyway.

Last Thursday I took my son to his first Drillers ball game. The Drillers played a double header against the Springfield Cardinals, farm team for the St. Louis version.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the outcome of either game. Watching baseball (doing anything, really) is much more difficult when you’ve got a rambunctious toddler to keep in check, and every time I tried to watch a bit of the game, my kid would pull Sam’s hair, dump Fritos onto the bleachers and then attempt to eat them off of the ground, bite me or try to drink my beer.

Regardless of how much of the game I saw (or didn’t see), I had a great time, proving that the experience of being in the stands, cheering the players on (even though, for the most part, I had no idea why I was cheering), is just as important as who wins or loses.

On Thursdays, fans get their choice of 12 ounces of Miller Lite, Choc beer or soda for just a dollar. Or, if you’re not the beer-drinkin’ type, head out on another night, like Friday, when a fireworks display follows the game, or Monday night, when female fans get spa-style pampering. There’s some kind of promotion happening at every home game, so go to for a full schedule.

Hey, folks, it's Tasha again. I just want to say that there's no easier way to stay connected to the Drillers (other than by reading this blog, of course) than by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check out Facebook Fridays and Twitter Tuesdays during July. Help the Drillers reach 1,200 Twitter followers by July 14, and all followers get free tickets to all three Tuesday games in July. Word.

See y'all at Driller's Stadium, (for now) at Tulsa County Fairgrounds at 15th and Yale.

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