Saturday, June 13, 2009

Have Some Handmade

Some of you may not know this, but Tulsa has a really rich handmade community.

By "handmade community," I mean a big group of hot chicks and cool dudes who make stuff by hand.

From Tulsa Craft Mafia to indie girls scattered throughout the area to homegrown T-shirt companies, we T-Towners have the ability to consume everything from funky, custom-fit dresses to personal, pint-sized Sasquatches. I ask you, who doesn't need a Sasquatch the size of one's thumb? I have one, and it has come in handy on multiple occasions.

Anytime you support local cottage industries, you're not only joining the cool kids' club. You're also helping to keep your disposable income circulating right in your own hometown. In this day and age, that's a very good thing.

Want a chance to sample some homegrown goodies without whipping out your wallet? In the coming weeks, I'll have a few chances for you. For now, I just have a little ol' headband made lovingly by hand by Cristi, the gal behind Felix & Jayne.

Oh, wait. You know Felix & Jayne? You say you saw them in 360 West Magazine and Handmade News and on the front page of Etsy and in the middle of all the fun action at Dwelling Spaces? Well, in that case, I have a big, bossy headband made lovingly by hand by Cristi, the gal behind Felix & Jayne! And Cristi wants one of you fine people to have it.

Here's how to win: Knit me a sweater. Ha! Just kidding. I knit my own sweaters. Instead, you can check out Felix & Jayne on Twitter and leave the latest tweet in the comments on this post.

Really, really want this headband? Increase your chances of winning it with extra entries. Here's how: Point your browser to Felix & Jayne's home on the multinational handmade market Scavenge through the F&J shop for items made with the color that overwhelmingly dominates my closet, orange.

Come up with the names and links to two items, stick 'em in the comments on this post and win an extra entry. Feel free to list as many items as you can find. Just keep in mind that two linked items = one comment on this post = one extra entry. So, don't list more than two items per comment, or I'll chase you with Cheez Whiz.

I'll pick a winner using Tuesday afternoon at 1 p.m. Good luck! And try your own hand at crafting - robots, LED-adorned tank tops, screen printed baby bibs, whatever. Just try not to have a ball - I dare you.


talktome said...

http://felixandjayne.blogsp... some of my latest etsy favsabout 4 hours ago from web

talktome said...

Yarn Heart Statement Necklace & Super rad really big headband

Joy said...

Latest tweet: today someone asked me if i was "pre-engaged", i wasn't aware such a thing existed.

Great giveaway!

elizabeth said...

Latest Tweet: today someone asked me if i was "pre-engaged", i wasn't aware such a thing existed.

Neon Orange Recycled Fabric Wrist Cuff

Missy Miss Orange Stripe Zipper Pouch

(both very cute!)

Curtis Collectables :) said...

http://felixandjayne.blogsp... blog update

Last Twitter

Curtis Collectables :) said...

Cute Orange Ring

Cuter Orange Wrist Cuff

Renee said...

Oh how exciting! Latest Tweet: blog update. (about 3 hours ago from web)

Renee said...

Two Orange Items:
- Neon Orange Recycled Fabric Wrist Cuff
- Neon Zipper Pouch Purse

Woo! Thank you!

lollywood said...

Latest tweet:
win a Felix & Jayne headband!

Thanks so much! :)

lollywood said...

Orange Items:

Bon Bon Headband

Missy Miss Orange Stripe Zipper Pouch

stephanie said...

their latest tweet is: if you like Felix & Jayne and winning things click here...
and i'm following them as well. yay, this is fun!

Renee said...

Got a couple more orange for ya..

Yarn Heart Statement Necklace

Super Rad Really Big Headband

Thank you!

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