Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day in Tulsa

Still wondering what to do for good ol' dad on his one and only day of the year (that is, besides his birthday). It's okay - I have a few quick-fix ideas for you.

Oklahoma Aquarium. Show dad he's your favorite fish in the sea. On Father's Day, dads get in Oklahoma Aquarium for free. Ha! That rhymed. Keep in mind that it's one free dad admission per paid admission.

Circle Cinema. Dad a film nut? Take him in to Circle Cinema and procure for him some free popcorn. When you give him that bag of buttery goodness, you can say something really sweet, like, "Dad, you're the best POP ever." Don't thank me. I do this for a living.

Tulsa's Signature Brew. What dad wouldn't love a cold one on Father's Day? Take him a few of those oversized, 22-oz. bottles of Marshall brew, and Dad won't be able to thank you enough. There's still time to head to liquor store, y'all, so head out.

Don't Get Cheap. But, saving a few bucks while pleasing the heck outta Dad is certainly allowed. Head to the blog of Tulsa's very own 918 Coupon Queen for her list of Father's Day deals.

Have some tips on how to flatter Father this year on Dad's day? Leave 'em in the comments.

Aquarium photo by Laura Ritchhart of Beach Bum Wannabe. Marshall photo from Marshall Brewing Web site.


talktome said...

Dads free at Aquarium with one paid admission

BeachBumWannabe said...

Thanks for the photo mention! I appreciate that!

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