Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Feel Like Trivia Tonight

This Thursday is as good a night as ever to head to Joe Momma's downtown for a hearty helping of Trivia Night.

Test your knowledge in categories like Guess the Song, Finish the Lyric, Dead or Alive and Movies & TV. Look for food and drink specials, because they're always around on Trivia Night at Joe Momma's, home of my favorite pizza in town, the Bacon Cheeseburger pie.

Each trivia night at Joe Momma's downtown benefits a local nonprofit, and the charity-of-the-week this time is Mental Health Association in Tulsa.

MHAT offers a variety of programs and outreach efforts to get people connected with the information, resources and help they need. The group works to overcome stigma through education, as well as provide advocacy, resources, support groups, outreach and safe housing.

Mental health is a huge issue in Oklahoma. We have one of the highest rates of mental illness in the U.S., and only a fraction of those affected seek treatment. It's important not just to give organizations like MHAT some cold, hard cash, but also to help them raise awareness and lighten the stigma of mental illness.

It's not something you can "tough it" through, folks, and the only shame in seeking treatment is waiting until a family, a career or an entire life is ruined to get help.

So. The most popular trivia night in town starts this and every week at 9 p.m. Teams can be as small as three pizza lovers or as large as five. Donations and part of dining sales go to MHAT. See you there.

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Carrisa said...

I keep wanting to go to this, but I have no clue who would join me. Maybe there needs to be a TDT team... just puttin' that out there.

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