Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time For a Little R&R

Last week Laura at BeachBumWannabe.com and I launched a giveaway. The prize was definitely one of the most swanky I've had here on this blog: a 60-minute hot stone massage and a hair cut, courtesy of Sandalwood Day Spa, at 37th and Harvard.

Plenty of you wanted this prize. I'm right there with you. Who couldn't use an hour on a massage table and then a few extra minutes in a stylists' chair? Oh, I could. I really, really could. 

Sadly, I can't enter my own giveaways. But I can help serve up a winner. 

In this case, the early bird got the worm. The winner is entry No. 1, Mercedes Millberry!

Congrats, Mercedes! You have fun, woman. Have fun for all of us.

I loved the entry after Mercedes: 

I'm guessing Mercedes knows Ed. Or, maybe he's just an anonymous yet kindly Internet crazy. Either way, Ed gets a gold star for the day. The ladies, Ed, we salute thee. 

Thanks to everyone for entering. And may we all win a massage, even if it's from indentured servants (read: significant others, children and maybe even pets, depending on how overworked we are). 

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