Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rock and Roll on Saturday Night

Looking for a place to rock out this weekend? Set your sights on Flytrap Music Hall downtown as it hosts the second annual Tulsa Cares Fest, a music festival that benefits Tulsa CARES. It's Saturday night from 7 p.m. until midnight, and Flytrap Music Hall is at Second and Greenwood.

The mission of Tulsa CARES is to provide programs for low-income individuals living with HIV/AIDS in northeastern Oklahoma.

Tulsa Cares Fest is packed with hot local artists, including My Solstice, Stars Go Dim, Callupsie, Ptiaradactyl, Joe Mack, Cracker Wagon, Blood Runs Cold and Bring Down the Hammer.

Admission is $8 in advance. Head to the Flytrap Music Hall Web site for tickets, or pay $10 at the door.

Or, cross your fingers and hold your mouth in just the right way and head to the comments. If you can post how Tulsa Cares Fest is feeling on Myspace today, you get one entry to win a pair of tickets to Saturday night's show. If you add Tulsa Cares Fest as a friend on Myspace, you get two extra entries.

Post to let me know the date and time you added TCF to your Myspace friends, and no cheating. I'm a mother now, and I have a sixth sense about these things. All transgressors will go on my list of people to photograph while sneezing for the coffee table book I'm putting together.

Trust me, you don't want a full-bleed shot of you sneezing lying on every coffee table in Tulsa.

You have until tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon at 1 p.m. to enter. I'll announce the winner later that evening.

While you're perusing the Tulsa Cares Fest page on Myspace, remember that though HIV/AIDS isn't generally a newsworthy topic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it's still a growing problem.

“We are still living in the middle of an epidemic,” said Tulsa CARES Executive Director Sharon Thoele. “The only difference now is that we don’t talk about it. We want to open the door to this conversation in a way that is inviting to everyone. Hopefully, this event will serve as a reminder that the epidemic isn’t over and that medication isn’t a cure.”

Tulsa CARES Fest is sponsored by Fly Trap Music Hall, Williams, Whole Foods Market, Urban Tulsa Weekly and Aaron S. Harman, D.D.S.

Good luck, rockers! See you in the comments.

Photo by Gavin Elliot as published by Tulsa CARES on its Web site.


erasetokill said...

Tulsa CARES Fest is feeling ecstatic and I added TCF to my MySpace friends at 1:16 PM on, um, what day is it? Wednesday! And I'm Kate! (I don't remember if you need last names here)

stephanie said...

they are still feeling estatic! i've added them as a friend too. woowoo!

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