Monday, June 29, 2009

Playin' in the 918

If you're hanging around the house with the kids this morning and by 10 a.m. find yourself looking for a way to break up the Wiggles episodes and sweet potato-flinging sessions, gather everyone in the backseat and head to Hunter Park for the first-ever Playin' in the 918 event with

Come under the shade, play in the splash pad and decorate cupcakes with Tulsa-area parents and their kids. And, guess what. It's free. Yum!

Hunter Park is in south Tulsa at 9242 S. Yale Ave.

After you get home and the kids are napping, hop on and check out the forums, blogs, calendar and directory - in short, all the ways to get involved in the community. They're nice guys and gals. I say that mostly because I'm one of them, and I want you to think I'm docile and sweet and nice. Because I am - I swear.

See y'all later on at Hunter Park.


918 Coupon Queen said...

Deedra was telling me that it was off 91st street between Memorial and Sheridan.

918 Coupon Queen said...

Ok, just googled, looks like it's off 91st street between Sheridan and Yale. =)

Sabrina Lemons said...

We had a great time there Tasha! How about your family? I am sure you all enjoyed it! Those cupcakes were yummy!

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