Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What A Girl Wants, A Girl Gets

Yesterday I asked you all to report tweets by the YWCA Tulsa and scour its Web site for a certain factoid, all in the name of free tickets to Wine, Women & Shoes events. It all starts tomorrow, and one lucky reader now has the choice between crashing a wine speed-tasting or a fancy-schmancy luncheon and marketplace. Oh, and she gets to bring a friend, too.

So, everyone be on your best behavior with...

Congrats, Courtney! E-mail me at to claim your prize. Maybe you could come up with some genius shoe-shopping tips and post them on your oh-so-pretty and ever-so-useful blog, Homemaker Hero, hm? Or, just send those tips to me. Because I'm the only female ever born without the shoe love, and I have no idea how to shop for the darned things. If it weren't for a certain brutally, shamefully honest friend, I'd be more than happy pounding the pavement in a pair of flesh-colored Dr. Scholl's.

Choose your companion wisely, Courtney. Tonight's forecast: Hand-delivered chocolates and flowers and expensive cards. Maybe even a singing telegram. But only at Courtney's house. For the rest of us, it's cats and dogs.

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