Sunday, June 14, 2009

Get to Know Your Town: Shoot It.

No, I'm not suggesting you go on a murderous rampage through Tulsa with an illegally obtained firearm. I am, however, asking you to warm up your trigger finger.

If you want to know your town more deeply, or even if you're new here and you're looking to get acquainted with your environs, one of the best ways to do that is through the lens of a good camera.

Not sure where to start? There's a group in town to help you.

The Tulsa Digital Photography Group, a local group for amateur and professional shutterbugs alike, descends regularly on Tulsa landmarks, usually with a directive like a scavenger hunt or a mission that pairs an experienced photographer with a novice and unleashes them on a learning experience together. Armed to the hilt with multiple cameras and equipment slung over their backs and shoulders, the members of TDPG traverse the Tulsa area, capturing and sharing this city in ways that double-dare you to try to look at the city the same way as always.

The group is open to everyone, from beginners to professionals, high school kids to retired ladies and gents. It combines once-a-month learning sessions at Hardesty Library with bimonthly photo shoots at locations about town, including Woodward Park, the Blue Dome Arts Festival and, over the weekend, Tulsa Zoo.

If you love the technical, the TDPG has gear heads who will talk shop all day long. If you love the art, there are friends there who feel the same way.

Membership in the TDPG is a mere $1 per month, but no one is turned away. Models can join the group free of charge and post a photo of themselves so the group has ready access to them if there's a shoot.

The next TDPG meetup is a library session June 24 starting at 7 p.m. Come at 6:30 for a little meeting and greeting. The topic for the session has yet to be determined, so stay tuned for that.

One of the most popular posts on this site is one of the first I ever wrote: You, Too, Can Do Tulsa. It was the call to action that got this blog started, so it's where I send the TDT curious to let them get a feel for what this site is all about.

Go ahead and add field photography to that list I made two years ago about timeless ways to get to know your town. Then, take some shots. Share them at the Tasha Does Tulsa group on Flickr, and forgo a trip through the drive thru this week so you'll have the cash for a year's membership in the Tulsa Digital Photography Group.

These are top-notch, extra-fun ways to become Tulsa literate. Don't come complaining to me when you win a photography award or score a show at a local gallery in the process.

Photos in this post thanks to Marty Coleman (first shot) and Amanda Emerson (second and third shots). Grazie, you two.


Anna Marie said...

what an excellent opportunity...already passed this on to a few friends! Thanks!

Traveling Spork said...

Thanks for the feature! TDPG...proof that zoo pictures need not be boring.

Anonymous said...

Some more Tulsa Town shots!

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