Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Campfire Cooking, A Beatnik, Tacos and Squirrels: Tulsa Blog Roundup

For anyone looking for a variety of interesting online reading, Tulsa's blogosphere provides.

At last count, Tulsa was home to more than 100 blogs, and those are just the ones to which I've been alerted and subscribe. Needless to say, then, in the pages of Tulsa blogs, there's something for everyone.

I got such a great response from last week's edition that I decided to round up my favorite posts written by Tulsa bloggers this week.

Camp Out with your Heart Out

It's camping season, y'all, and the Okie bloggers behind The Art of Manliness have some campfire cooking tips and recipes for you to try as you set out for wide open spaces.

Sushi Love

Carrisa of And So She Blogs gives a report of the grand opening celebration at Joebot's last week, confessing that, theretofore, sushi made her gag. Thanks to Yokozuna, that is no longer.


Jonni at That's Baloney! is a member of the Real Housewives of Oklahoma, who gathered Monday night at Joe Momma's for their weekly Open Mic Night event. While they were waiting for Dave of Accidentally Albino to take the stage with his big comedy set, they saw this. And were horrified. And promptly put it on the Internet.


And speaking of Joe Momma's, Erin Conrad offers a peek into Boomtown Tees, now open right next door. The Turkey Mountain tee is my favorite, too, Erin.

And I Annoy With This Message

It's campaign season, and Jill of All Trades is already sick and tired of it.

Girl Gets Around

Briana at Sheez Krafty has a write-up on last weekend's Woody Fest in Okemah, with a little excursion to Grape Ranch thrown in. In a different post, she gives kudos to StreetCats Inc., a local no-kill animal shelter, for her fuzzy friends.


Speaking of fuzzy friends, Holly over at Hollyrocks has some fuzzy friends of her own - beady-eyed, dog-food-eating ones.

Will You Sign My...Books?

Heather at Audrey Eclectic wrote about how she was star-struck at meeting Audry Niffenegger last week when she stopped by Philbrook Museum of Art.

Buford the Brave

Cindy at Cindy's Clipboard has an update on the condition of Buford, the injured mascot of Harvard Meats. And I'll just go ahead and say it: Some children are evil.

For Dinner Tonight

Saving the tastiest for last, Fran at Fran's Findings sings songs of praise for the fish tacos at El Rio Verde. In her own words? The most amazing thing you have ever put in your mouth.


Sasha @ Global Table Adventure said...

Fun! I've been to a few of the blogs, but several are new. Thanks for introducing me to them :)

suburban hippie mama said...

i love looking at new blogs...and local, that's a BONUS! thanks =)

Mommy Hates Cooking said...

Love learning about new blogs. Nice post.

Jill of All Trades said...

Why thank you very much...and did you know that it included mother and daughter...SheezKrafty is my girl!

Tasha said...

Yay! I'm glad everyone is enjoying this new series. And Jill, OMG! I'm so glad to know that! I've followed your daughter for a long time now, and she made two of my very favorite pieces of jewelry (I asked her to make them for a silent auction where I served on the planning committee and loved them so much I couldn't help but bid on them myself!). So blogging is a multi-generational pasttime in your family, huh?

Holly Embry said...

Hey cool! I'm going to go check out every one of these blogs, because almost all of them are new to me. Thanks for linking to my squirrel post!

SheezKrafty said...

This is awesome, thanks Tasha! Yup, Jill and I are kin! :) I learned many of my krafty skills from her!

Cindy said...

Tasha, thanks so much for mentioning my Buford updates in this post! I'm behind on reading my favorite blogs, so I just found this today. Thanks again and see you at the next blogger's meet up!

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