Thursday, July 29, 2010

Erin Sees Tulsa: Opportunity Doesn't Care About Your Camera

erin sees tulsa.

In the world we live in today, most people I know are rarely without a camera.

The pocket size of point and shoots make them easy to keep within reach - mine is always in my purse. And since cell phones basically don't exist anymore without a built in camera, it's not hard to capture a moment on a dime's notice.

For me this is a good thing.

I recently found myself driving through the country in south Tulsa. With the windows down and a deadline looming, there was no time to stop and enjoy what was pretty much a perfect summer day.

However, there was no way I was letting this moment go undocumented. With only my point and shoot on me, I hung out the window and snapped some pictures as I headed back into town. I looked backwards, forwards and upwards. I stuck my camera out the sun roof, out the windows and barely bothered to look through the viewfinder.

This is what I saw.

erin sees tulsa.

erin sees tulsa.

erin sees tulsa.

erin sees tulsa.

erin sees tulsa.

erin sees tulsa.

And this is what I remembered.

It's more important to capture the memory then to let it go because you may not have the perfect camera. Plus there's always great editing tools like Exposure 3 that allow your nostalgic mood to turn a digital image into the timeless feel of film.

Tulsa photographer Erin Conrad photoblogs weekly at Tasha Does Tulsa as Erin Sees Tulsa. Check out her recent posts here.


roy zoellner said...

So very true. I shoot with a Canon 5D full frame bla bla bla, but some of my most treasured images have come from my cheap little sony point and shoot.

Casey said...

Gorgeous pics!

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