Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pie Hole Pizzeria + The Pearl Farmers Market: Oh, The Possibilities

Pie Hole Pizzeria

Did you know that, at Tulsa's Pie Hole Pizzeria on Cherry Street, any pizza lover can purchase dough enough for a large pizza for just $3?

And that just up the street at 6th Street and Peoria Avenue at Centennial Park on Thursday afternoons there's a wealth of pizza toppings available at The Pearl Farmers' Market?

Pearl Farmers Market

It's true.

Pearl Farmers Market

What I like to do: Have people over, crank up my oven to 525 degrees and pop in a pizza made with Pie Hole Pizzeria crust. When people ask me how I can produce something so delicious, I put on my Sarah Palin accent and say, "That's my little secret, you silly man, you."

And I smile inside. And then I make a note to e-mail my dinner guests after they've all returned home to let them know they can get the same delicious pizza crust at Pie Hole. For three freaking bones.

And that I'm sorry I'm a liar.

Pie Hole Pizzeria

While it's hard to fail with one of these pizza crusts and a reusable sack full of goodies from the Pearl Farmers' Market on a Thursday night, I hope you won't mind my offering my own recipe for success. And I won't even leave out steps or important ingredients in an effort to thwart your success and prove my supreme pizza prowess.

Because that would be wrong. And naughty. And I am never, ever either of those things.

Pie Hole Pizzeria

First, ask a baby to toss your pizza dough.

Pie Hole Pizzeria

It adds flavor. Or something.

Pie Hole Pizzeria

Here's an instructional video on pizza tossing technique to help you:

Pie Hole Pizzeria

Slap that tossed pizza dough on a baking stone.

Pie Hole Pizzeria

Lord knows it doesn't have to be pretty. It just has to be delicious.

Pie Hole Pizzeria

Pearl Farmers Market

Next, grab your favorite tomatoes.

Pearl Farmers Market

These are fun. Their flavor is strong and plus, they're freaking gorgeous. Slice 'em up and sneak one for yourself.

Playfully slap your husband's hand when he tries to do the same. Then wink at him so he won't complain as much about having to take out the trash later.

Pearl Farmers Market

Roll up some basil leaves and slice them into ribbons. Look at you! You just pulled out a mean chiffonade. Fancy.

Brush the crust with a good-quality olive oil. Add mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil, and top it all with, surprise, a little more mozzarella cheese.

Then, pop it all into a 525-degree oven. Wait for 8 minutes or so.

Pie Hole Pizzeria

Then, slice and enjoy.

Pie Hole Pizzeria

And be thankful for a fresh, easy supper that couldn't get more local, more Tulsa, if it tried.


@SherriLeeFc said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, goddess of all things Tulsa! I have maters and basil comin' out my ears from the garden and now I can't wait to whip up some fresh pizza! (Oh, and I would give my first-born puppy to hear you talk with a Sarah Palin accent!)

Grace said...

Haha, this was informative as well as entertaining to read. That looks delicious. Seems you are skilled not only in cooking, but writing and photography. Great work!

Traveling Spork said...

Those tomatoes are gorgeous! Looks tasty. I'm thinking you should make that and then come over and paint my house. Don't forget to bring the pizza.

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh goodness that looks so very yummy and I LOVE Pearl Street Market. Missed it this weekend...drat. I love the picture you took of the tomatoes in the bowl and the canisters in the background. Really, that could be painted. Nice, very nice. :)

aron said...

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Tasha said...

Sherri, if you come to the Tulsa Gridiron show next year, odds are that I'll be playing Sarah Palin...again. =)

Spork, how many times do I have to paint your house? Twice? TWICE?!

Thanks for your kind words, Jill and Grace.

The Errant Cook said...


I already love Pie Hole, and this is one more reason why.

hwall said...

The pictures of those little hands in pizza dough and the video of Sam are the best things I've seen on the Internet in three weeks.

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