Monday, July 5, 2010

A Birthday Party at Dilly Deli. (Also, how to light a cupcake on fire.)

Dilly Deli

If you're planning a birthday party at which:

-Kids will be in attendance;
-You'll need plenty of room;
-You'll need fun things to do built right into the venue; and
-You like the idea of being outside,

I'm going to tell you right now where you should have your shindig: Dilly Deli.

Dilly Deli

Check it out. For a party at Dilly Deli, downtown at 402 E. Second Street, you get:

  • A hip, funky, intimate, lovely enclosed patio (which rules for those of us with kids who can't seem to stay in one spot for longer than .35692 seconds - no spending the entire party running around chasing little ones to keep them safe when you could be socializing);
  • A bocce ball court (fun for both adults and kids alike);
  • Plenty of seating, including booth, picnic table, classic car (see it in the photo above? to the right) and four-top options;
  • Shields from the Oklahoma sun and the chance of sprinkles that has been in the Tulsa forecast for the past several days;
  • A venue right smack dab in the middle of the trendy, historic Blue Dome District, right next to tons of free as well as $5 parking;
  • Excellent service;
  • Yummy food made from as many locally sourced products as possible.

Can you say jackpot?

Dilly Deli

That's what I said to myself a few weeks ago during a dinner at Dilly Deli. Actually, what I said to myself exactly was, "Gee, this sure would be a dandy place for my husband's 30th birthday party."

That's when I realized something. I met my husband just after his 24th birthday, six whole years ago.

You know, back before I used the words "gee" and "dandy" in everyday conversation.

Dilly Deli

This weekend, we celebrated his turning 30. As in, the big 3-0.

I've been romantically involved with this man for six years. 2,190 days. More than 52,000 hours. That's, like, forever, man.

Dilly Deli

And now, we have this.

Dilly Deli

And these people.

Dilly Deli

And these people.

Dilly Deli

Look! It's @hwall! And her son, Isaac. And my mom. And my Meme.

Isn't Meme pretty? It's really super-easy to tell in this picture.

We also have whoever this is.

Dilly Deli

Actually, that's @travelingspork. She and her husband recently traded their Miami, Okla. digs for a house in T-Town.

Their drive to my husband's birthday party from their old house in Miami: Approx. 1.5 hours.
Their drive to my husband's birthday party from their new house in Tulsa: Approx. 15 minutes.

Advantage: My dear friend's gasoline budget.

Also, her sanity. See what a few years of trying to live so far away can do to a person?

Dilly Deli

Plus, it's really nice to have that one friend back in town who likes to steal your camera and take photos of your parties so you don't have to.

Dilly Deli

That's @travelingspork's hubs. When my husband first met him, he pretty much couldn't stop talking about him for, like, a month. I think he was his first-ever man crush.

Dilly Deli

The studliness doesn't end there. Can you tell this was the guy in high school who made all the girls in math class swoon?

According to @travelingspork, his high school sweetheart, he was.

Dilly Deli

I'm not sure what this has to do with the birthday party, but...did you know I have a sideways pinkie toe?

And did you know that I have a little sister who really likes blue sno cones?

Dilly Deli

And did you know that if you gave my dad some blush, some lipstick, a red wig and a Bump It, we'd look pretty much like twins?

Dilly Deli

It's true.

Dilly Deli

It's pretty funny that the men's bathroom at Dilly Deli is labeled with my husband's name. He could claim it as his own private domain, if he wanted. I think he'd be well within his rights.

And, if the spelling of my sister's name conformed to the traditional spelling, the ladies' room, labeled Erin, could be her private domain. She could set up a partition outside the door and refuse to grant anyone access. I mean, it would be her private domain - it'd have her name on it, for goodness sake.

Or, she could give it to Erin Conrad. You know, whatever works in the politics of friendly public restroom takeovers.

This name, it's a recurring theme in my life.

Dilly Deli

And now for what you've all been waiting for.

Dilly Deli

How to light a perfectly good and innocent birthday cupcake on fire.

Step 1: Tell the nice folks at Ann's Bakery that you're gonna order a birthday cake from them. Remember that you haven't done so at the last minute. Kick self.

Buy cupcake liners. Make cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from scratch with your two-year-old. Wear aprons.


Bribe a friend to clandestinely transport the cupcakes to the party venue.

Mark calendar two weeks before your own birthday to remind yourself to call Ann's and order this.

Forgive self.

Step 2: Load it up with the number of candles that would signify the new age of the birthday person.

So, in our case, 30. Or, two-and-a-quarter packs of $2 birthday candles.

Dilly Deli

Step 3: Abscond with the birthday party venue's lighter. Don't mess with those sissy, thumb-powered things. Go all out with a trusty, burly charcoal lighter. 

Dilly Deli

Step 4: After lighting candles on one side of the cupcake, determine the direction of the wind. Tip: If you watch the wild fire developing on your cupcake, this should be relatively easy to figure out.

Step 5: Turn cupcake so that the wind blows the fire onto the wicks of the other candles.

Dilly Deli

Dilly Deli

Step 6: Blow out all candles in one breath.

Dilly Deli

Dilly Deli

Dilly Deli

And that's the way you do it. 

Dilly Deli

Tip: Do not attempt to eat stunt cupcake.

Tip: Smoky the Bear would want me to tell you that it's good fire safety to have a fire extinguisher handy when lighting this many candles in a small space.

And that only you can prevent cupcake fires.

Thanks again, Dilly Deli, for being such a great host to my sweet husband's 30th birthday party. We had a blast. You even helped my husband feel better about being a newly minted old fogey for awhile.

And for that we're eternally grateful.

Dilly Deli
Where: 402 E. Second Street
When: Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm; Friday-Saturday, 8am-10pm; Sunday, 8am-4pm
Call: (918) 938-6382
Menu (PDF): Click here
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Casey said...

That cupcake is all kinds of amazing! Also, love Dilly deli sandwiches anytime!

Becky said...

Stunt cupcake! LOL!!!

silver star said...

I also have a sideways pinky toe, I thought I was the only one but I feel much better now. Can I rent the stunt cupcake for my next birthday?

Tasha said...

silver star! Maybe we're distant relatives? Because I don't know anyone else with a sideways pinky toe. We're due for a family reunion!

And no, I'm sorry, you can't rent the stunt cupcake. Because I may or may not have scraped off all the icing and melted wax and eaten the cake underneath.

Traveling Spork said...

Wow, thanks for always featuring such great pics of me! Also, I need a lens like reals.

Erin Conrad said...

I'm in LOVE with that last cupcake image. And I had no idea I had my own bathroom :)

Tasha said...

Spork, I'm pretty sure I know what you get you for Christmas...when I'm a millionaire and can afford to buy all my friends things like camera lenses.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Erin, how does that make you feel? To know that you've had your own bathroom this whole time? I think it'd make me feel funny - like the time we climbed the rope in gym class (name that movie).

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