Monday, July 12, 2010

Joz: Mod Design Love

I'm a design geek wannabe. A requirement of all design geek wannabes (and actual design geeks alike) is, if not an undying, fiery love for mid-century modern design, then at least a general appreciation of the style that's worn as a mask to disguise an undying, fiery love for said style, called mid-mod for short.

This is an easy love to cultivate here in Tulsa. Between Lortondale and our famous neon signs on our stretch of Route 66 and our strong design and architecture community here in Tulsa, it's sort of unusual not to stumble upon these vestiges of the '50s and '60s in everyday life in this town.


A drive down 15th Street (a.k.a. Cherry Street) surely won't offer protection from such a chance meeting.


Joz is one of my very favorite furniture resale shops. Having a look around this place is an experience in and of itself.


I mean, you can tell by the front door that something awesome is about to happen.


The little girl in me is throwing a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store for these chairs.


While the design geek wannabe in me is trying to find a way to make these chairs work with the microfiber desert that is my own furniture collection.

More on this in a minute.




If I had this set I would have each and every one of you to my house and I would serve you banana pudding with 'Nilla Wafers in those precious little bowls.

But you'd have to eat it with your hands, or with your face. I couldn't allow you to use silverware on anything in this set. Too risky, you know?

Too risky. I'm sure you understand.



See those tumblers on the top shelf? They were made for iced sweet tea. I just know it.


Coolest $10 monkey ever.


This photo brings tears to my eyes. If I could have everything in it, my life would be complete. I'd never want for anything again.

Except some old-school wallpaper pimpin' some mint green or aqua to round it all out.



Fondue! In color.


It's hard on the heart to see a SOLD sign on something you just found at Joz - on something to which you just realized you belong.

That's really the only bad thing that has ever happened to me at Joz. The shattering of my hopes and dreams.


Like I said, a trip to Joz is an experience in and of itself. Actually buying something is, according to several reviews by good friends who have recently purchased pieces there, as swell as it gets. Not only have these reports confirmed excellent and knowledgeable service, but they've also claimed friendly staff who want to make sure that your mod goodies make it to your humble abode all in one piece.

All of that aside, I think buying vintage furniture is just a thoughtful and responsible thing to do. I wish I had realized the benefits before my husband and I bought/inherited a house full of newer furniture. First, there's almost always a huge difference in quality between furniture manufactured today and the standards of furniture construction of yesteryear. Second, furniture designed in the '50s and '60s is more suited to the scale of our home, built in the mid-'60s. Plus, I like the idea of owning something that's had another life about which I'll probably never know. The mystery, it enriches.

As if you needed another reason to shop at Joz, it's easier on the environment to buy used/vintage than it is to buy new. There are even economic benefits. Instead of sending your couch money (which is just a little bit different from couch cushion money) to some mega furniture manufacturer based in Lord knows where, by buying used/vintage you'd be investing in a one-of-a-kind, locally owned business that has invested in Tulsa.


If there's no way you're getting out of your robe and bunny slippers today, search for even more finds at Joz on Craigslist. But please don't buy this tanker desk. I'm pretty sure I dreamed it into existence. As a minus-30-year-old, maybe, but still.

Where: 2818 E. 15th Street
When: Monday, sometimes; Tuesday, 1-6pm (or later); Saturday, 11am-6pm; Sunday (Most of the time), 1-4pm.
Call: (918) 851-1223


Steven said...

Nice article; I'll check them out. This could be a fun place to take the wife when we're on a date. Thanks for the great read!

Caitlin said...

I love this place, I'll have to share your post!

Tasha said...

Yes, Caitlin! Share away!

Casey said...

I'm so glad you did a post on Joz, I always want to buy one million things in there...slash just live there!

Shayla said...

I'm intrigued by this place every time I drive down Cherry Street. Next time I MUST stop. Mod50s Modern on the opposite side of the street is very cool too!

Tex Montana said...

As a certified design geek (my certificate is at the frameshop this very moment), may I add that checking craigslist every 3.7 seconds will net you some pretty fine stash.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tasha,
What a great surprise to see your blog on our store! Not only do you have amazing insight into what we are providing the community, your pics are dope too! We work hard to find vintage product that is just waiting to find a new home so we are always grateful when someone gets us ;) Unfortunately we didn't know about you until we found your blog and now we are huge fans of "TashadoesTulsa"! Keep up the great work and thanks for keepin it real! Love, The joz crew

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