Monday, July 26, 2010

Savoy's Famous Cinnamon Rolls, a Boy and the Fork That Was Too Slow

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

See that up there? That, my friends, is half a pound of soft, buttery dough, perfectly sweet icing and enough cinnamon to last you until you can make it home for the holidays.

And it can only be found at Tulsa's Savoy Restaurant, just north of 61st and Sheridan in Tulsa.

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

Savoy is an unassuming place. It's tucked into an old shopping center, and with its humble frontage, you're more than likely to drive right by if you don't know what you're doing.

But lucky for you and your taste buds, now you do.

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

I took my son to Savoy late last week for his first taste of what might just be Tulsa's most legendary cinnamon roll.

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

And, as per his usual, he went about the trip entirely in his own way.

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

After he managed to stop flirting with the waitresses, all of whom I liked to imagine were on the verge of calling us hon or sug (which I totally don't mind at diners, by the way - it's practically part of the experience), we ordered our treat. It wasn't but a few minutes before it was at our table, steaming just a bit and looking pretty as a picture.

And frankly, the kid couldn't contain himself.

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

I mean, how could you blame him?

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

Look at those fingers itching back there.

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

I don't know about y'all, but I'm looking at this cinnamon roll and I'm slapping my grandma upside the head right now, it looks so yums.

For my little guy, I couldn't unroll our napkins or find our forks quickly enough.

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant


Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

While I got a few you-are-so-not-getting-a-gold-star-today-in-the-mothering-category stares from a fellow patron or two, the waitstaff just about fell over themselves with gushing.

And so did I. So, I let him go at it as he pleased for a few minutes. Because for how long in life can a person dive into a cinnamon roll in a public place and not only not get ejected from the restaurant, but instead be the inspiration for a symphony of ooo's and awww's?

That's what toddlerhood is for, I think.

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

But soon, I had no choice but to enforce the law of the dining utensil.

Cinnamon Rolls at Savoy Restaurant

A development which displeased him oh-sogreatly, as you can plainly see.

The Savoy offers much more than just cinnamon rolls - full breakfast and lunch menus, in fact - all in what I found to be one of Tulsa's cleanest and coziest diners. I loved being part of the mix that morning, which included old men getting together for morning coffee (note: if old men are not gathering for coffee at your diner, restaurant owners, there is something sorely wrong), families on summer vacation and even a few other stay-at-home moms and their kids. Service was quick and friendly, and we thought $3.50 was a more-than-fair price to pay for our indulgence.

So, next time you get a hankering for a breakfast out, see if you can't make it out to Savoy. And if you make it there, see if you can't make it back out again without planting your face in one of those cinnamon rolls.

Savoy Restaurant
Where: 6033 S. Sheridan Road
When: Monday-Friday, 6am-2:30pm; Saturday, 6am-noon
Call: (918) 494-5621

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Sasha @ Global Table Adventure said...

Love the cinnamon roll face plant! We had some cinnamon rolls this weekend for a family gathering and I ate entirely too many. Once I recover, I'm going to check these out with my husband. I'm sure it's going to be love at first bite :)

GreenEyes said...

First, I love the photo which I will call "Death by Cinnamon Roll" (the one with the closeup of the knife sticking into the roll). It also would make for a fabulous new "Clue" (the boardgame) option: Sam, in the kitchen, with the cinnamon roll. Because I think it probably could be a weapon - causing people to OD on sugar and yumminess.
Great post promoting another Tulsa treasure.

brian said...

I wanna eat next to Sam someday! He's a gangsta! That roll looks bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill of All Trades said...

I think I've gained 5 pounds just looking at the pictures!

~ Christa Michelle ~ said...

He's so adorable! And yes, I think you're right "toddlerhood" is the only time in your life you can act like that!

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