Thursday, July 8, 2010

How's Your Geography? Erin Sees Tulsa

Can you guess where I was standing when I took this picture?

downtown tulsa.

Maybe this will help.

erin sees tulsa

Despite an overabundance of construction and a river that sometimes runs dry, we have one beautiful city to call home.

Tulsa photographer Erin Conrad photoblogs weekly at Tasha Does Tulsa as Erin Sees Tulsa. Check out her recent posts here.


Rex Brown said...

Near the fire station by Newblock Park?

Michael said...

Behind the fire station off Edison!

Tiffany said...

between Denver and the Tisdale on Fairview. There's a church there, but can't think of the name.

Tasha said...

Michael, you're right! Erin was standing on Frisco, which is right off Edison by the Fire Department. Way to be a Tulsa geography genius!

Jane said...

I just took some photos there a couple nights ago ... apparently there used to be a house there but some guy went nuts in the 50s and killed his whole family in it so they knocked it down. Such a tragedy because I think its one of the best views in the city!

Erin Conrad said...

I'm impressed Michael!

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