Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scary Story

It happened one dark, stormy night.

We put our toddling boy, already sound asleep, into his new toddler bed. We turned out the lamp, kissed the boy on the forehead and gently closed the door. It was off to bed with us. The thunder was rolling and the rain was pouring, and it was perfect weather for turning in early.

We slept especially deeply that dark, stormy night. Too many late nights spent on homework and projects at work had taken their toll. Being draped in Grandma's quilt, which we're pretty sure has magical, sleep-inducing powers, only made our slumber more delicious.

Suddenly, a terrible wail rang out in the night.

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Photo by Tulsa People arts writer Ashley Heider.

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Spender said...

Brilliant and very, very funny.

(BTW, you got my vote in the Tulsey Awards!)

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